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New Promo. *Instant* $6 signup bonus. Instant $3 referrals. It's from Microsoft. Just scan 1 receipt

Updated: Aug 20, 2023



People are now reporting problems such as not getting their reward or not being able to find theur referral link.

The offer may have ended.

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Microsoft is handing out free and fast $6.00 to paypal if you sign up for this app with a referral and scan a receipt

At first, I thought it was $3, which is still good just for sending a receipt. But when I did it myself, I got $6, and confirmed others have also.

Maybe some people get $3, and some get $6.

I hope you get $6.

Easy Steps

1.) Sign up

2.) Click deals at the top right corner

3.) It will prompt for a referral code. Entering it should not be necessary, but it doesn't hurt to enter it. Ours is SC5FRV

4.) Scan a receipt that is less than 14 days old.

5.) Cash out to Paypal.


Referrals pay $3, but there is a $30/month earnings limit on referrals.

Hope this helps :)

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