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NEW. $5 signup bonus. 》$5 referrals. 》No deposit. 》No purchase. 》30-day free trial to an AI content creator. 》Earn a LOT more if your referral makes a purchase. 》Limited time

Updated: Feb 14


1.) We got paid to Paypal.

2.) We now included the link for everyone👇


1.) This is for a limited time, as they collect testimonials and feedback.

2.) This does not pay out same day. If you want offers that pay out instantly or same day, please visit this same-day-pay list

What is it?

This AI bot creates up-to-date, relevant content for your audience without you even touching it.

It can do this on blogs, Facebook, Wordpress sites, and on other social media.

The original project started long before ChatGPT became famous. It was very expensive, but now, they tweaked the bot to help everyday content creators.

Just plug in some search terms and it will find relevant news articles, write blurbs about the ones it chooses, and post them for you, all on autopilot!

And it's so easy to set up. It takes only a few minutes to set up on Facebook.

Signup bonus

They are giving $5 to anyone who sets it up and has a post completed by the bot.

● No deposit

● No purchase

You will need to

  • Sign up for the 30-day free trial to get your key

  • Check your email for the key

  • Log in with your social media account or connect your blog. This is usually 1 click with Facebook.

  • Enter your key

  • Add your PayPal email address

  • Add some key words, and tell it how often to post

  • Wait for up to a week (although I got paid in half that time).

The reward is only granted if the bot makes at least 1 post on autopilot.


The site pays $5 if your referral completes the steps to earn their $5, and over $15 a month if they decide to make a purchase.

Hope this helps 🙂


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