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$1,600 to $4,000. WILD new referral promos & signup bonuses, and zero-cost health insurance. Limited time.

Updated: Apr 18

It's a wild week for those in the referral space

How do the apps even make money doing this ⁉️

1 of 3. Most Outrageous

1️⃣ $60 of free stocks minimum, per referral, to this investing app.

(links reward us)

  • Even better... Get 10 referrals, get a $1,000 bonus, minimum. That means turning 10 cents into a minimum reward of $1,600.

  • Even better... Most people get more than the minimum. The app ran this same promo several months ago and I got over $2,000. I've seen people get over $3,000!

  • Even better... your referral only has to deposit 1 cent or more!

  • Even better. The app incentivizes your referral with $9, minimum.

  • Even better. The app is old, has high ratings, and is very popular.

Be one of the first to use our link, deposit 1 cent, and message us here on Facebook, and we'll show you our gratitude.

Don't sleep on this!

The $60 minimum for referrals ends April 25.

The $9 minimum signup bonus ends April 30.

The huge bonus for getting 10 ends May 8.


  • Sign up and enter your phone number

  • After confirming your phone number, download the app

  • When you open the app, at the bottom, click the Open Account button.

  • Sign up for the default option, a trading / brokerage account, then choose cash.

  • When you see checkmarks for stocks and ETFs, just continue. Dont change anything.

  • Wait an hour or 2 for approval… maybe do other signups while waiting.

  • ❗️ Set a reminder alarm to deposit the 1 cent after approval. Most people waste their time because they sign up but don't finish by doing the deposit. ❗️

  • After approval, go to the bull horns button at the bottom center, and go to the transfers tab at the top.

  • Choose to deposit with ACH

  • Choose real time or instant

  • Connect your bank. Chime, Sofi, and Chase all work well for this.

  • Deposit the amount required

  • Wait for your deposit to settle

  • Claim your free stocks

Your referral link will be located in the promotions area soon after your account is approved.

Keep reading 👇 for 2 & 3.


2 of 3. Ends April 23. New Investing App Promo

From now through April 23, this new stock-where-you-shop app is paying six times the normal referral bonus, plus the usual $5 signup bonus.

● Referral bonuses are normally $5 but are currently $30

● We have been paid very nicely from this app in the past and consider them to be reliable.

● Our referral code is 2HCKCV

● Your referral needs to deposit $5 to trigger their signup bonus and your referral reward

Use our link, deposit $5, and message us here on Facebook, and we'll show you our gratitude.


3 of 3 Ends May 8. Our Referral Program Promo

Our Same-day Pay Facebook page is running a $25 promo.

Do you know someone age 19 - 64 who is either

  • A.) Out of work and looking, with no Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans insurance? or

  • B.) With Low income, but a little more income than is allowed by Medicaid?

In 16 different states, we have teamed up with agents that help many people get $0 cost insurance.

Refer your first person successfully this week, and earn $25. Normally these referrals earn you $15, with a $5 bonus if you reach 10 successful referrals in one week.

Plus you'll earn all of the other 9 activities your referral does that we normally pay for.

As always, just 1 successful health insurance referral allows you to cash out all of your referral earnings within 24 hours,

To get started and/or get more information...

2. Type “health" in the chat

Hope this helps 🙂



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