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Benjamin app. How to earn the most. $6 bonus + passive cash back on top of passive cash back

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Benjamin app* passive-cash-back-booster is finally here.

Benefits and Features

● $6 referrals

● Passive income

● Cash back on every purchase

● Stack cash back on top of cash back

● Cash back on gift cards

● Paid for playing games

● Paid for watching ads

● AI shopping assistant.

● Travel discounts/cash back

● More to come

Getting the extra $6 bonus is most easily done by connecting a bank account you use often, and the debit card. This is what creates the passive income.

Join here & please use code: upZZigqMuB

EVERY Purchase Gives Cash Back

The Benjamin app gives you a little cash back on every purchase. They also partner with everyday stores like Walmart, Target, Subway, etc., as many as possible, to help you earn you extra cash back at these partner locations.

This app turns everyday bank cards (e.g., Chase debit, CapitalOne debit, etc.) and credit cards into cash back cards.

Even better, if your card already gives cash back, Benjamin app gives you cash back on top of that.

If your debit card is not a cash back card, here's one that gives you a $30 signup bonus.

Note: This will not work by connecting a cash app card. You must connect a bank account and a matching bank card. You will earn the most by connnecting your MOST ACTIVE banks and the cards you have for these banks.


1️⃣ Sign up with this link

2️⃣ Link your bank(s) through Plaid. I linked 2 banks that I use. You can link more than that if you want. It's more cash back.

ℹ️ Tip: Link banks whose cards you use us the most, to earn the most cash back.

3️⃣ Enter the debit/credit card numbers too.

4️⃣ Shop like usual, and earn cash back.

Once you've claimed $10 in cash back, both you and the person who referred you qualify for the $10 bonus, which is on top of the passive money you earned from everyday shopping.

Please use code: upZZigqMuB

How to Get the Bonus More Quickly

If you want to get the bonus more quickly, you can take advantage of these other activities

● Cash back on gift cards

● Paid for playing games

● Paid for watching ads

● Travel discounts/cash back

Tiered Earnings

The Benjamin app also has tiers, so the more cash back you earn, the higher percentage you start earning.

Coming Soon

I hope this helps you make money with a phone 🙂

*Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.


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