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Easiest Free Money, Signup Bonuses, & Free Stuff We All Need

Updated: Mar 21

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We update this list regularly.

Green hearts 💚💚 means it's a new addition to this list.

Note, most of these do not pay same day. They are easy, and can pay a lot, but don't pay same day. If you need same day pay, see our Instant Pay List.

20+ MOST SIMPLE signup bonuses and freebies*

..that reward you just to sign up and try them out, with...

✓ No having to take a long breaks between steps

✓ No cashout minimum or long repetitive tasks (like doing surveys or watching ads) making you have to spend hours or days to get your bonus.

✓ No purchase necessary to receive the bonus, or, if a purchase is required, the bonus is larger than the purchase amount.

✓ Either no deposit is required, or the deposit is only $0.01 - $10, or the bonus is greater than the deposit.


ℹ️ If you get overwhelmed, just focus on one. They say the only way to eat an elephant is by taking one bite at a time. You got this, one bite at a time.

Also, in the "Honorable mentions" section are some things that pay well (up to $30) and are easy, but may require a little more than just signing up or a higher deposit. A few of them are better than most of the items in the main section.

Note:❗️⚡️❗️Means you can get rewarded the same day you complete the signup

Here you go! 👇

(Links are affiliate links that reward us)

Get $100 from this credit union for activating your debit card.

● Ok. We broke the rule for "easiest" on this one 😱. Its a little harder because you have to wait for the debit card and activate it. But for $100, we thought you'd want to know.

● You only need to get approved and deposit $10.

● During signup, you will need to agree to join a parks and recreations club (with 1 click on a checkbox during signup).

ℹ️ Don't enter a promo code because you will get the bonus by using the referral link above.

Want help?

❗️⚡️❗️Instantly get $25 from this popular banking and investing app, Sofi, if you deposit $50 during signup👇.

● You can also deposit only $10 to get the $25 within 1 week.

● Fastest way: When signing up, you are prompted to deposit $50 with a debit card. If you do not do this you can deposit $10 through a linked bank, but it will take a little longer for your reward to arrive.

Get $9 - $90 for signing up for this popular investing app and depositing the required amount, which is usually only 1 cent!

● Some people get lucky and get much more than $90!

Get $50 from this credit union for signing up for a free checking and fre savings account and depositing $25.

Get $20 from this popular investing and banking app when you sign up and deposit only 1 cent.

● Just set up your account with a referral link 👇 and deposit 1 cent.

● No having to do anything else. The free money will be credited to you. Just remember to redeem your reward before it expires

💚💚 Quickly get $20 from this cash back debit card app for spending $20.

● Comes with a virtual card on that lets you load the card and pay the same day. Just click your debit and savings balance area, then click the card icon at the top right.

● Reward arrives in less than 48 hours.

Get $20 from this cash back app and Chrome extension for making a small purchase at Walmart online or other partner store.

● It helps you pick the best card to use at checkout.

● Minimum order requirement is usually only $35!

● Has tens of millions of downloads and is rated over 4 stars.

● Just get approved with a referral link 👆 and link a bank account.

● Can be less than $1.

Get $5 from this financial health monitoring app just for signing up with a referral code and linking a bank account.

● Use code JOEL22676 to trigger your reward.

Get $4 in 5 minutes for doing a task we give you on Facebook.

● Message our website chat (not our Facebook page) to get started.

● Just write, "Easy $4 in 5 minutes"

❗️⚡️❗️Instantly Get $5 cash from this debit card and Bitcoin app for signing up with a referral link and depositing $1 with a debit card

● Takes longer if you deposit via ACH instead of a debit card

● Just deposit $20 and spend it with your debit card.

❗️⚡️❗️ Instant if you are lucky enough to get a virtual card, and use it to fund the account and make the purchase

● Just sign up with a referral link and set up your wallet.

● Use code $texasboy99 when you join

● No deposit nec

💚💚 Content creators get $5 for using a free trial for this AI bot that posts news articles on autopilot for you to your Facebook page

● Setup takes only 5 minutes

● Just create your account with a referral link 👆 and then link an insurance policy to your account

Honorable Mentions

(Some of these are actually better than the ones above, but may require a little more than just signing up).

● Cannot be used to buy gift cards.

● Read the fine print for the store. For example, the fine print in the app may say you cannot get cash back on groceries at Walmart.

Get $15 from this debit card that gives super high cash back on climate-friendly purchases.

epositing $10 and spending $1.

● Must deposit $10 and make a $1 purchase with the card.

● Comes with a virtual card so you can do it in all 1 sitting.

● Just sign up with a referral link

● Use the $5 towards buying a $25 gift card

● A card that gets money to you up to 2 days before payday.

● May take weeks to earn it passively.

● Just sign up with a referral link.

● Add your card

● You don't have to go out of your way or think about it. When you use that card a certain stores you will passively get cash back.


*Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you would otherwise qualify.

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