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$5 signup bonus, $2 - $15 referrals from this real estate investing app

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

This real estate investing app that lets you buy shares of real estate for as little as $5.

And they give you the first $5.

They may give a bigger bonus if you invest $5. We are resting that part.

This app appears to be very legitimate, ranked very trustworthy on different scam detection sites.

It offers $5 in real estate shares just for signing up (this may only work if you use a referral code. Our code is @joelfromla ) and verifying ID, and offer $5 to $15 cash for referrals.

As you know, real estate can offer passive income, so just keep that in mind before cashing out your referral rewards.

If you plan to refer, make sure to join the ambassador program, which takes less than a minute. That way you get a referral code.

Our code is @joelfromla


If your referral only signs up, you get $2. If they become active, by investing a small amount, you get $15.

Currently, it seems that, to be considered active, the referral must deposit $5.



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