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$20 Signup Bonus. This app gives double cash back on credit card purchases & helps pick the best rewards card. Joinkudos review

Updated: Jan 23

Joinkudos review

This site offers you a $20 signup bonus for using their iPhone app or Chrome extension (Chrome extensions are easier to use from a desktop).

I think this app is a great way to stack cash back on top of the ways we already know how to (see Stack Cash Back section below).

Their site has perfect scores with scam-detection sites.

As you can see above, you need to make a purchase at a "Boost merchant" to get the $20 worth of points. It doesn't specify any minimum amount, so I would think there is no minimum. Just make sure you make the purchase at a Boost merchant.

The good news is that the app considers Walmart and many other common stores to be Boost merchants.

Also, even if you don't make a purchase, you can still get a couple of bucks worth of points for setting up your account completely.

Minimum cash out is $10.

Referrals are worth $2.50 of points.

What is this app?

The Kudos website says, "Double your credit card rewards with a single click."

How does it do this?

For people with multiple rewards cards, Kudos will, at checkout, help you pick the best card to get the most cash back, and, at many stores, even match your cash back!

You enter your cards into kudos, and, at checkout, when the merchant asks for your card information, Kudus will recommend a card. Just click the card picture to instantly add all the details.

Stack Cash Back

If I were to try to get the most cash back, I would also go through Rakuten's link to go to the store, since they give cash back also, regardless of which card you use. And if you're new, you can get a $30 signup bonus, if you spend $30 or more before tax and shipping.

I would also have the Capital One chrome extension running at the sane time, since they look for cheaper prices, find coupon codes, give cash back, and give a $40 signup bonus on top of that.

In addition to all of this, you can also passively earn cash back on your cards when you connect them to apps like Benjamin, and Dosh.


Referrals are $2.50 of Boost points



You can now get $20 in points for a referral if they use an eligible rewards credit card and shop at a partner merchant, like Walmart.

Great news!


I hope this Joinkudos review helps 🙂


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