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May 14 news. $30 referrals ends May 20 ($5 signup bonus) + A huge promo ending May 15. + Easier cashouts. Our referral program now allows $5 cash outs

1️⃣ $30 referrals. $5 signup bonus. Ends May 20

Grifin is a really clever investing app that you can set to automatically buy stock wherever you shop, as low as $1 worth.

We have already cashed out multiple times with this app.

The signup bonus is $5 if

  • You use a referral code. Ours is 2HCKCV

  • And Deposit $5

Oh, and the bonus is in cash, not stocks.

Referrals are $30 until May 20. Usually they are only $5.

Your referral must enter your code.

Our referral code is 2HCKCV

2️⃣ Huge promo ends May 15

Webull is offering $30 in stocks, minimum, for referrals with a whopping $1,000 minimum if you get 10 referrals on time.

Referrals only need to deposit 1 cent or more.

There is also a signup bonus of $9, minimum for your referrals, if they make the deposit.

Some people get lucky and get a lot more than these figures.

This ends May 15.

3️⃣ Easier cash outs with our referral program

Our Facebook messenger referral program has for some time now provided multiple ways to cash out same day, but now we've made it even easier by making the minimum cashout only $5.

See this post for details.

Hope this helps 🙂


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