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Earn up to $44.25, TODAY, on one referral, and continue earning afterwards. Our Referral Program.

Updated: Jun 27

● Earn for each new USA contact you send us

● Earn passive income

● Earn possibly over $44.25 on day one for 1 referral

● Earn possibly over $50 for 1 referral the first year... just by sending them to get free stuff!

Do you know people who need help making extra money with just a phone?

Why not help them, and earn for doing so? We have 5 main ways you can do this.

Option 1 (most popular). Facebook Page messenger referral program

Easy option for anyone who is motivated.

You earn when we earn. That's passive income.

Can you get people in the USA to just message a Facebook page that

● Helps them earn money

● Does not ask for money

● Pays them same day

● Does not ask for SSN, ID, phone number, or even email!

● And even pays them to engage?

It really is just sending them to our Facebook messenger with your referal code or link.

Get paid up to 16 ways!

These are the ways you can earn just by sending them your link to our Facebook page

  1. $0.05 for sending us new USA contacts who message the page

  2. Another $0.05 if your referral subscribes to our broadcasts

  3. A $5 bonus once you reach your first 10 subscribers

  4. Another $0.10 if your referral subscribes to emails about same-day pay.

  5. Another $0.10 if your referral subscribes to emails about referral programs.

  6. Another $0.30 if your referral is subscribed and clicks a link after the first day.

  7. Another $0.05 cents per click your referral clicks links in emails... over and over (maximum of 1 click per 6 hours).

  8. Another $0.03 when your referral engages with our broadcast messages, over and over (maximum of 1 per day)

  9. Another $0.06 when your referral clicks direct links for offers, over and over (maximum of 1 per day)

  10. Another $1 when your referral engages with 8 broadcasts.

These are ways you can earn by sending them to our page, having them type in certain codes, entering your name, and doing an offer. And all of these allow you to cash out same day.

  1. $15. Have your referral type "health." Do you know someone out of work and looking? Get rewarded if your referral signs up for and gets $0 cost health insurance. - An additional $7 bonus for your first successful health insurance referral. This means $22 minimum for your first! - An additional $5 per health insurance referral if you get 10 or more in one work week.

  2. Up to $20. Have your referral type "WebRef." Get rewarded if your referral completes our Webull offer

  3. $7. Have your referral type "BambuRef." Get rearded if your referral completes the MyBambu offer.

  4. Up to $6. Have your referral type "ibRef." Get rewarded if your referral completes the Ibotta offer.

  5. $5. Have your referral type "GemRef." Get rewarded if your referral completes the Gemini offer.

  6. Other temporary referral offers

This can possibly be over $44 the first day and over $50 the first year for 1 referral!

Note: Your referral link will work fine almost anywhere, but Facebook's design will only allow us to give you proper credit on Facebook post if you include at least 1 image in your Facebook post. We suggest including pay proof screenshots if you have them.

It will work fine without an image everywhere else, such as in messages, comments, texts, and web pages.

Cash out minimum is $5, however, if you refer 10 USA Facebook accounts in one day, you may cash out early.

Please see the other terms below under Additional Terms and Conditions

Steps to Get Started

2. Type "my referral link"

4. Fill out this form


Option 2. Facebook post, comment, tag

Quick, easy option for everyday people

This will not earn you much, but we pay very quickly.

Please see #8 in this list.


Option 3. Referral to a Tax Credit that can possibly put over $25,000 in your referral's pocket

Highest-paying option, paying you as high as $1,870


Option 4. Referral to Free Health Insurance only (via email, not Facebook)

Get $10 per successful referral

Message our website chat for more information

Please see the other terms below under Additional Terms and Conditions


Option 5. Website referral program for professional marketers

Can you get people to just submit an email address and phone number, earning you a quick reward plus passive income?

Get paid for

1.) Generating leads

2.) Clicks by your referrals

3.) Deposits submitted by your referrals.

4.) More options coming soon

To get started...

1. ) Read these terms and conditions

2.) Choose either

or the Ambassador Program (which is designed to help you earn more, faster).

3.) Follow the instructions on that page, including messaging us, to get started.

Details, including how much we pay out for each, are also on the pages that are linked to above.

ℹ️ NOTE: We do not want many affiliates at this time. To ensure that we 1.) attract only seriously interested affiliates, 2.) slow down the number of participants while in beta, and 3.) can pay you quickly after you begin earning...

... our programs currently require a tiny, 100% refundable deposit, as low as $4. The deposit is refunded when you first cash out.

The program will likely change to be more attractive later in the testing process, when we want more affiliates.

However, early adopters will secure their passive income by being the first to refer others. Once higher incentives are released, your past referrals will be grandfathered into the new earn-per-click rate.

Eligibile Referrals

Currently, only people meeting all of the following criteria can count for your earnings:

● Must be a legal adult

● Must be a citizen or resident of the USA

● Must receive one or more marketing emails from our domain (does not apply to option 2)

● Must click at least one promotional link in one of those emails (does not apply to option 2)

If your referral is in the USA but gets categorized as not in the USA by any systems we use, you will not receive credit for that referral. This can occur in cases where the referral uses a VPN and, therefore, appears to be in a different country, the referral travels outside of the country, or in other cases.

If your referral is originally considered eligible but is later deemed not eligible, due to any reason, past earnings you may have received for that referral may be deducted from your next payout.

Payout Method

Payments will initially only be made via PayPal, to those in countries that PayPal is supported in, and via Litecoin to all other countries.

Notifications about earnings

Until our reporting system is up and ready, you will receive email alerts for each signup and each click.

Additional Terms and Conditions

By joining any referral or affiliate program, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Site Terms and Conditions

You agree to the site terms and conditions which are available here:

If there is any contradiction between the site terms and conditions and the affiliate terms and conditions, the site terms and conditions will be considered the effective ones.

You are a BETA Tester

Currently, most parts of the referral program are considered to be in testing and is a new trial. While we are confident about our ability to refund deposits and pay affiliates, we have not yet tested this to a great extent. There will be bugs and delays.

In addition, unforseen and unannounced changes to the program can occur at any moment, including but not limited to reduction in compensation or increase in compensation according to the compensation plan, and also changes to terms and conditions.

Processing of and/or access to new affiliate applications may be paused without warning, in which case, only affiliates that have already been approved will be able to earn.

Liability Waiver is not responsible in any way for any damages, for not meeting any expectations, or for any dishonest or misleading information given by any owner, agent, employee, hired contractor, affiliate, news media, or any other person or entity. This is true even in cases where, any owner, any agents, eny employee, any hired contractor, or third party service used by was negligent.


In the case of any dispute with and its owners, you agree to not pursue any litigation.

If any law allow you to pursue litigation despite these terms and conditions, you agree to choose arbitration instead, with the arbiter being a professional arbiter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana chosen by owners of .

In addition, you agree to not try to organize, encourage, or help others organize a litigation pursuit and its owners in cases where multiple parties would be represented in your case.

Cheating & False Information

We are not responsible for any false or misleading information put out by those promoting this site, app, or company. Rather, the person or entity who has put out any false or misleading information is completely liable.

If we receive any report or discover that you may be giving out false or misleading information in order to earn more, we may close your account and not pay any accrued earnings.

In addition, if the false or misleading information is given out resulting in any payouts from us, you are responsible to return those earnings.

If the false or misleading information is given out by you intentionally and publicly, an additional $400 per time you gave out false or misleading information must be paid to us to compensate for damages.

You are also responsible for any expenses the company incurrs in efforts to collect this compensation. You must reimburse the company for any such expenses.

Bounced Emails

If a valid referral clicks a link in an email from our domain, you possibly will not earn for that click, in the rare event that the email address later bounces, before your first payment for this user.

Application Denials

While the vast majority of referral program applications from the United States probably will be approved if the deposit is submitted, your application could possibly be declined, completely at our own discretion. We do not want to decline applications, but declines are possible.

If declined, your deposit will be refunded within 30 days.

Refund Time Frame

While we aspire to initiate the refund of your deposit within 72 hours after you first become eligible for the refund, it is possible that, in certain circumstances, including but not limited to, holidays, limited staff issues, and payment processor issues, your refund could take longer to be initiated.

In addition, when we initiate the refund, it could take several business days to settle into your account.

Extreme Circumstances Affecting Refunds and Payments

In addition, you agree to not hold or any of its owners, agents, contractors, or employees responsible for your deposit not being refunded, should extreme circumstances such as war, a devastating number of deaths within the organization, earthquakes, tornadoes, other natural disasters, inability to find a payment processor that will work with us, etc. place an exceptional burden on us to issue refunds or payments for outstanding balances.

Chargebacks and Reversals by your Referrals

Any commissions you earn on a purchase or deposit will be reversed if the buyer's deposit does not clear or if it is reversed or charged back in any way.

However, if we refund their deposit due to their having met the earnings threshold to qualify for a refund, your commission will remain.

To provide adequate time to ensure there were no chargebacks, irregular refunds, or other reversals, commissions on referral program deposits submitted will be paid no sooner than 31 days after the transaction occurred.

Because this is in testing, while we hope for the best, we want to prepare everyone for the worst while issues are being solved.

Required Information for Tax Reporting Purposes

Should you exceed the earnings threshold set by your government that requires us to report your income earned, you will need to provide the proper documents (E.g., a W9) to enable us to do so. Failure to do so by the time we require such documents may result in your withdrawals being frozen.

Changes to the Program Terms and it's owners may change the compensation amounts and/or terms without little to no warning.

A decrease in compensation amount would most likely be due to widespread abuse of the program (which hopefully we can prevent) or, more optimistically, because of a reduced deposit required to participate in the referral program.

An increase in compensation amount, or even new ways to earn, may be implemented for many reasons, such as new promotions for affiliates and new offers being made available to app users.

​To get started with the website referral program (for professionalmarketers)...

Pick either the Basic Referral Program


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