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Scrambly app review. Instant-pay app. $1 signup bonus, $3 referrals. Earn more by doing activities

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Basic Concept

Scrambly is an app that rewards you for going through them to try new games and apps.

Signup bonus

There is a $1.10 signup bonus if you use a referral link.

Cashing out

You can actually cash out pretty quickly, in less than 30 minutes, because cash out is only at $2, meaning you only need to earn 90 cents more.

Our Advice to get $17 next day

As soon as you sign up, go throug Scrambly's link to sign up for Crypto. com and buy $5 of crypto. This should gove you $17 by next day. Again, you can cash out your Scrambly earnings instantly, when they arrive in your account.


Scrambly gives you the option to promote as a normal user or as an affiliate.

If you promote as a normal user, you get 10% of your referrals earnings, for life, even if they nnevr cash out.

If you promote as an affiliate, you normally get a flat $3 for your referral's first cash out.

Scrambly app review summary

This app can be helpful if you need a little quick cash to get out of a bind, or if you just like getting paid to try new things.

I hope this Scrambly app review has helped 🙂


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Lori Gordon
Lori Gordon
Mar 15, 2023

Interesting. Choosing between the referral affiliate is tough (for me). So if you refer me I guarantee I'll make yiu more than 3.00, but that is because I absolutely love gaming then they PAY YOU!? It's my hobby! So ill play those buntu k BUT everyone knows (with the exception Mistplay,) you often get ad after ad and it's so boring. The games are a lot mmmuuawful haha. RealbSome ive hahd mmmmmmmmmmmj crimditndi3ent e33mn5ibnthey also let guy play while you sleep if you get your settings j gs right with chess and auto spin Casino games have racked me up wome dolla dolla bills yall!!

Lori Gordon
Lori Gordon
Mar 17, 2023
Replying to

I have edited this post FOUR times, and it keeps screwing up words into gibberish!?!

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