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We're paying up to $1,870 per referral, to a US tax credit program (up to $32.2k) for self employed

Updated: Apr 19

Do you know these kinds of individuals?

A.) Gig workers, freelancers, and other self employed individuals who are paid (or have been paid) in ways other than W2 employment?

Think realtors, Instacart shoppers, traveling nurses, people on Upwork, etc. Over 50 million in the USA are in this category.


B.) Influential people who know many self employed individuals?

Can't think of anyone to refer? Just ask ChatGPT to give you a list of 50 jobs that report income on schedule C. Then you'll probably think of several people.

Earnings Potential

If you know people in category A above, who paid over $3,000 in taxes over a 2-year period during 2019 - 2021, and they qualify, you can receive anywhere from $1 to to $1,870 from us, per referral (earnings are based on the approved credit amount).

We also have partnerships in place to get you and your referrals an advance several weeks before the IRS cuts the check.

You could potentially earn even more than this on one referral, if you refer an influential person (category B above) who knows many such self-employed individuals.

We even have a payment structure that allows you to add helpers to your team and track them separately. We pay you, and you pay them whatever amount you decide.

What is it?

This is our affiliate program for a company that assists individuals in filing the Self Employed Tax Credit, which could get one of your referrals approved for over $30,000 from Uncle Sam.

Please do not confuse this with ERC. This tax credit is a broader program than ERC, and many more self-employed people qualify for it.

Imagine... promoting something that...

● Not only is no up front cost for your referral

● Not only gives money to your referral

● Not only gives potentially a LOT of money to your referral


...potentially gives them a lot of money from a well-established organization, the IRS.

How hard can such an offer be to promote???

If you have not heard heard about this tax credit, you can check out the details here:


How to qualify for our affiliate program

At this time, to work with only sincere affiliates, we will not be accepting applications for anyone who has not yet reached out to self employed individuals to probe their interest.

Option 1

● Find one or more self employed people who paid over $3,000 in taxes over a 2 year period from 2019 - 2021

● Contact them to see if they are interested

● If they are interested, get their social media URL

We will require screenshots proving that your contact expressed interest. Most likely, after this, we will approve your application and provide your affiliate links if your lead appears to be genuine and qualified.

Option 2

● Find an influential person who knows many of these self employed individuals

● Contact them to see if they are interested in earning up to $1,868 per referral.

● If he or she is interested, get his or her social media URL

Under this option, you will earn a percentage of every referral this person brings in, as long as he or she earns over $5,000.

Hope this helps 🙂


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Md Abdullahil Kafi
Md Abdullahil Kafi
Nov 21, 2023


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