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Instantly get a free $6.80 gift card when you buy one for $20. Get $5 for referrals. We got Dominos

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We got a free $6.80 gift card after we bought a Dominos gift card for $20.

That's because of the $5 signup bonus with this app. Normally it would have been $1.80 cash back.

With some stores it would be more, and with others, it would be less.

You can also withdraw cash (instead of gift cards if you sign up for their banking service.

The app gives you cash back on gift cards you buy through them, and it reminds you to get the discount when you are near one of your favorites stores or restaurants.

Keep in mind that this cash back is on top of any cash back your card may offer.

They offer $5 referal rewards as well, and we did get paid.

Check it out here

Compared to other discount gift card sites & apps

In my opinion, it's the one I will use most, because i will start pulling this out more than my debit or credit card.

Is just so much faster and more convenient than Raise discount gift cards, because you get the gift card lightning quick, in the app, with no waiting for an email.

They built this for convenience and speed.

Its hassle free, and you can get the discount gift card in 15 seconds.

But with Raise it's easier to get the signup bonus. For instance, you can get a $6 Burger King gift card for only $1.

Also, Raise lets you get gift cards to many more stores, like Walmart and Amazon.

InboxDollars usually has a similar offer to these two, and I've even seen them offer the bonus mulriple times to the same user. It wont be as quick as with Storecash App though.

But, InboxDollars has TONS of ways to earn, and I don't mean surveys. I'm talking about huge signup bonuses.

Card Cash discount gift cards site also gives a $5 signup bonus. The only thing special is that they may have some stores and restaurants that the others do not.

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