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$100 per referal, no purchase necessary.

Updated: May 1

1️⃣ $100 Referrals, No Purchase or Deposit Necessary. Ends April 30. Up to $2,000 if purchase is made.

All Energy Solar is giving a $100 gift card per referral that gets a proposal for getting Solar energy set up, and they are paying up to $2,000 if your referral makes a purchase.

Your referral needs to be a land owner in Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, or Wisconsin.

However, anyone can refer. For help getting your referral link, message our Same Day Pay Facebook page and type "Solar."

This offer ends April 30.

2️⃣ $1,000 Minimum for 10 Referrals, Ends May 8

Don't lose sight of Webull investing app's promo right now which pays $1,000 minimum if you get 10 successful referrals by May 8 at midnight. There is also a $9 - $36 signup bonus, just for depositing only 1 cent or more.

For details, help, instructions, and an extra reward from us, paid same day, message our Same Day Pay Facebook page, and type "Webull"

3️⃣ Our referral program now pays 12 ways, no deposit or purchase necessary

As usual, you can earn up to $22 on one referral your first day, and possibly cash out same day (on weekdays), plus ongoing passive earnings.

Hope this helps 🙂


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