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Get over $2 per minute for these phone tasks

Updated: Mar 30

Section 1️⃣ quicker money *

Section 2️⃣ passive income 🔥 set it and forget it

Green hearts 💚💚 means it's a new addition.

Best to worst here 👇

Note: most of these do not pay same day. They can pay a lot, but don't pay same day. If you need same day pay, see our Instant Pay List.

Section 1. quicker money (not passive income)

(links reward us)

Women can get paid up to $15,000, plus a free trip to San Diego. Healthy women in the right age range can donate an egg

Save up to $45 per minute. There's almost no faster way to save hundreds of dollars this year than by taking a half hour to shop for cheaper insurance, such as car insurance. This is especially true if

  • your vehicle has gone down in value

  • your credit score has increased

  • your past mistakes have fallen off your record, or

  • you crossed a certain age

Get $3/minute from this credit union for depositing $10 and activating the debit card.

ℹ️ Don't enter a promo code because you will get the bonus by using the referral link above

During signup, you will need to agree to join a parks and recreations club (with 1 click on a checkbox during signup).

⚠️ You must activate the debit card when it comes in.

● Pays $40 in a gift card of your choice

... if changing your direct deposit is easy

● Get $200 for signing up for Chase with this link and changing your direct deposit to go there.

● It's more like $4 a minute

but there's a small monthly service fee if you don't continue getting direct deposits after this.

Get between $1.00 and $4 per minute from this popular investing app for depositing, the required amount which is usually only 1 cent!

❗️⚡️ ❗️Instant reward of $2 a minute

● Minimum order requirement is usually only $45!

● Has tens of millions of downloads and is rated over 4 stars

Use code JJOHNSON5532981D2

Get $2 / minute from this cash back rewards app or adding your bank and card to this app, which will

● Give you a $6 signup bonus after you've used the card for a while

● Continues to give you extra cash back, passively, as long as you keep using the card.

● Easy $10

● It's free unless you upgrade

● Connect a work account (Uber, Doordash, Etc), Enter your PayPal or Venmo, Get paid on Tuesday (if you sign up before Sunday… otherwise, it's the next Tuesday

Save $2 - $90 per minute (not a typo) if any of your personal bills (such as phone, cable, internet, pest control, home security, water delivery, etc) qualifies for negotiation,

Or.... if you have a larger business, whose bills qualifies for bill negotiation... get up to $1,000 / minute

● Professionally trained negotiators negotiate your bills to be lowered.

● Just sign up and upload a picture of your bill. You only need to do one upload if one bill to get started.

● Free to attempt, so no risk. If they save you $0, you pay $0. If they save you $500, you pay $200 - $250.

● Not really a phone gig exactly, but had to mention it because of how cool of an idea it is.

● Get over $300 after driving a passenger on your first ever Uber trip by using this method.

if changing your direct deposit is easy

● Get $100 for signing up and changing your direct deposit to go there.

● Must get a direct deposit of $200 or more

● Get $100 bonus on your first ever Doordash delivery by using this method

● Got a Health Problem? - Make money. Work in healthcare? - Make money

● Pays over $100/hr for surveys about health and healthcare.

● ❗️⚡️ ❗️Instant reward if you deposit $50 with a debit card when prompted.

● Pays $25

● Other bonuses are available too if you are interested in more products, or set up direct deposit.

Get $2/minute from this rewards and earning site that has lots of big signup bonuses.

● I've seen them pay $300 for going through their link to sign up to drive for Uber and doing only 1 trip. I've even seen they paying over $300 for reaching a level in a game!

💚💚 Get $1 a minute from this credit union just for the time it takes to sign up and get verified

No deposit necessary

● Make sure to join Life Money You during signup

● All financial institutions require proof of identity. After approval you will need to email them at and attach

- Picture of the front of your ID

- Picture of the back of your ID

- Picture of the front of your Social Security card

- Picture of the back of your Social Security card

- Proof of address such as a recent electric bill or bank statement

- Proof of income such as a W2 or 1099.

● Get $25 in real estate after signing up with this link 👇and investing only $25

● Takes only 25 minutes to sign up, invest, and sell.

Get $1 per minute from this debit card app for activating debit card & depositing $40

● Pays $20

● A card that gets money to you up to 2 days before payday.

Get $0.67 / minute from this phone-gigs site for uploading short videos and voice clips

● Earn $10 in 15 minutes for your first gig.

Get $0.25/minute from this invest-in-collectibles app for investing any amount in collectibles.

● Gives $5.

● Some collectible are under $1 to invest in.

Section 2. Passive Income / Set it and forget it

View this post 👇 about passive income for beginners


*Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you see it.

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