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Passive income for beginners - Over 20 free to super-cheap ways to start, even if you're broke *

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

They say you will work until you die...

... if you never get to where you are earning while you sleep.

Sections in this Post:

Section 1️⃣.

Referring others is not required

Section 2️⃣.

Referring others to free apps for passive income

Section 3️⃣.

Advertising on your car

Section 4️⃣. Highest earning potential.

Refer others to no-brainer, helpful things that may require a very small payment from them

Green hearts 💚💚 means it's a new addition.

Section 1️⃣ You don't need to refer others*

✔️ Tiny pieces of real estate, and even get some free.

Everyone knows that rental properties can bring in passive income. So what if you can get started with only a tiny fraction by joining group funding, AND also get more pieces of real estate for free, with signup bonuses ?!?!

Whether the value of the land goes up or down, at least you got some free, and you earn your share of the rent.

Best to worst

● Option 1.) Fundrise

- Invest $25 and get $25

● Option 2.) Groundfloor

- Invest $100 and get $50

✔️ A Free Bond

Investing in bonds gives passive income. Even better, you can usually get a free $10 bond just for signing up for this site and connecting a bank account

✔️ Automatic cash back as you shop, no time or effort

Getting cash back from a card you use often is effortless.

And if your credit card gives you cash back, passively, why not your debit card? Cash back from your card while you shop is passive.

Best to worst

1.) Benjamin app

- Passive cash back as you shop on top of passive cash back from your bank card.

- Works with all the most common banks

- Also has other ways to earn.

- Cash back varies

- $35 signup bonus. Spend $20 on anything you want, anywhere, get $30, if you use this link 👇

- Bitcoin back amount varies

- $11 - $15 signup bonus (50,000 sats)

✔️ Earn passively by tracking your safe driving score

- You can earn more than 10 ways with this app, at least 4 of which are passive.

- Details here 👇

✔️ Earn passively by sharing location data

- Available worldwide

- You can earn more than 10 ways with this app, at least 4 of which are passive.

✔️ Automatic bill reduction negotiation

Every time your bill renews, professional negotiators will automatically contact the company to get your bills lowered. It's not for credit card bills, but for many other kinds of bills

✔️ Share your internet bandwidth

● Option 1.) Honeygain

- $5 signup bonus with this link 👇

● Option 2.) Pawns

- $1 signup bonus with link 👇

✔️ Virtual/Metaverse Real Estate

- Gives you slow passive income for claiming a piece of their virtual earth. The more you buy, or earn by traveling, the more passive income you earn.

- Get 2 plots free if you just sign up and verify your account.

Section 2️⃣: Referring others to free apps*

✔️ Earn passively on referrals multiple ways

Best to worst

● 💚💚 1.) A free site with dozens of links your referral can promote. You earn 5% on your referrals' earnings.

- Available worldwide

- Details here

● 2.) Tapestri

- Available worldwide

- Details here:

3.) Swagbucks

- $10 signup bonus

- No payment required to earn passively

- Keep earning as long as those you refer keep using the app to earn. They can earn many ways.

- $5 signup bonus

- No payment required to earn passively

- Keep earning as long as those you refer keep using the app to earn. They can earn many ways.

- Click here for more information 👇

✔️ Earn as your referrals do surveys

Option 1.) Attapoll

● Get 10% of what your referral earns for life, as long as they keep using the app

Option 2.) Survey Spin

● $1 signup bonus

● Get 10% for life on referrals

● Get 50 cents extra for each referral

Use code 6HC7SZ

✔️ Earn as your referrals mine crypto and use a messaging app

Punk Panda Messenger

- Mine PPM crypto by your referrals mining it.

- Also get more PPM for your referrals' referrals mining it. DOUBLE PASSIVE

- Download the PunkPanda Messenger app and use code 61639400

✔️ Earn as your referrals get bill reduction, over and over

- When your referral saves money on bills, you get a cut of of the amount saved.

- Free to promote

- Pay a fee to upgrade to also earn on your referrals' referrals and possibly qualify for a $300 bonus opportunity.

If you wish to learn more about promoting to others, please join this messenger chat

✔️ Earn as your referrals share Internet bandwidth

- Available worldwide

- earn 10% of what your referral earns

- $5 signup bonus with this link 👇

✔️ Earn every time your referral does any crypto transaction

SECTION 3️⃣: Advertise on your car


✔️ Join this Facebook group to learn more

SECTION 4️⃣: Refer others to no-brainer, helpful things that may require a small payment from them

💚💚 Very low-cost marketing course and club that can earn you big for one referral plus passive income

- $7 monthly

- Up to $350 for a referral, plus passive income if $3/month.




✔️ Earn as your referrals shop for everyday things they need

Best to worst

Option 1, the best.) Upside cash back on gas

- Earn 1 cent per gallon for every gallon your referral pumps

- Earn half a cent per gallon on your referrals' referrals (doubly passive)

- Get a signup bonus with this link 👇 and code AFF20



● Option 2.) Fold Bitcoin back card

- Offers a signup bonus to both you and you referrals

- Gives Bitcoin sats each time your referral makes a purchase.



● Option 3, the worst.) 5miles APP

- 10% of your referrals' earnings for life

- 3% of your referrals' referrrals' earnings for life...DOUBLE PASSIVE

- Many other ways to earn

- Use code JOEL2998 for a bonus

More details here:

✔️ Earn repeatedly as your referrals buy cheap ads. It's a fun treasure hunt game.

● You can also earn on your referrals referrals, making it possibly doubly passive.

● You can earn by playing the game yourself.

● You can earn an additional $1 per referral who plays the game enough.

✔️ A free site for super quick medical advice from an AI, + huge discounts on medication, labs, and imaging

- Join for free

- Promote for free

- Earn commissions on purchases

I hope this helps yoh make money with a phone 🙂

Make money with a phone 👇

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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