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$500 for 3 referrals! $25 signup bonus. $25 for referrals if you get fewer than 3. New promo!

Many of you are familiar with Bright Money. It has over 500k downloads on Android alone.

If you are not familiar with it, it's an app that

1.) Helps you manage finances

2.) Helps you pay off debt and improve credit score.

3.) Provides loans

It has great ratings and scores on scam-detection sites and review platforms.

But, because this $500 referral offer from Bright is so incredible, we have to warn you that there may be a hidden catch, or the promo may be abruptly terminated. So we are testing it.

The $25 signup bonus

Their site lists these requirements:

● "You need to be on a paid membership...

● Make a transaction of at least $10 through the Bright app on any of the following features:

  1. Make a payment to your credit card linked via Bright or wait for Bright to automatically do this for you!

  2. Add money to your Bright Savings goal or wait for Bright to automatically do this for you!

  3. Activate Bright Credit Builder - Sign up and submit the deposit

  4. Use Bright Balance Transfer and transfer at least $10 to lower interest Bright account."

I am told memberships can go as low as $2.99 per month.

The $25 referral bonus

For each of your first 2 referrals to Bright, to get the $25 reward for both of your first two referrals, your referred friends must meet these requirements stated on the website

● "Your friend should be on a paid membership after the end of their trial period.

● They need to make a transaction of at least $10 through the Bright app. (See above.)

● You should meet the above conditions yourself to be eligible for your rewards. Check your Award Eligibility in the app."

The $500 referral bonus

Bright often runs referral promotions if you get 3 referrals, but it is not usually anywhere near $500. So this is not something you want to put off too long.

The app says the following about this promo:

I am not sure of the exact definition of "session." Perhaps it is the range of dates the promo is active, which the app does not state.

I am currently unsure about whether your $10 transaction need to clear before you can refer others.

Hopefully it doesn't need to. Check back for updates.

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you would otherwise qualify.

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1 Comment

Brittany Marie
Brittany Marie
Jul 17, 2023

Let’s get it ! 💰

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