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Free Worldwide Earning Game. Earn multiple ways, some passively. Coinchests review.

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Do you know the kind of people who may

A.) Want to earn free ads by playing a game

B.) Want to buy super cheap ads

C.) Want to earn cash or crypto by referring others, or

D.) Just want to rekax and have fun playing a pirate treasure-hunt game?


... this is for you! let me explain.

I'm playing the game, earning free ads, buying cheap ads, and referring others to earn cash.

With this site, I can get visitors to my link for less than half a cent!

I'm advertising

● My Facebook groups

● These worldwide offers

Others are advertising their links like their Temu links.

Why is it rare?

It's free to use, earn, and promote

● It's all over the world

● You can cash out to Bitcoin, which helps people all over the world.

● You get 20% passive income on your referrals if they make purchases

● It's 2 levels of commission, not just one... so you earn passively (10%) on your referrrals' referrals.

The site keeps adding more wats to earn.

● It's super easy and cheap to run ads if you want to advertise something, and you can even earn free ads.

● You can pay for everything with PayPal or crypto.

Plus, its a game, so it's a fun way to earn.

What else can you say has all these cool things?

This is genius

Main Idea of the Game

The main idea of the game is that you are a pirate who is exploring, clicking squares called "pixels" to uncover treasure.

You can do many activities that will help you collect more coins, such as opening chests, building a ship, claiming islands, building bases, collecting supplies, battling other ships, and more.

Ultimately, coins are your rewards for playing the game. These are what you can cash out (to free ads if you have not earned commissions, and to Paypal or Crypto, if you have earned commissions).

Opening chests gives you a lot of coins at once.

Another reward is in-game gold. This gold can be used to help unlock referral earnings, even if your referrals didn't buy anything.

Like with many games, you can pay to remove ads and pay for a pro version. You can also pay for individual treasures and game boosters.


The only problems are that

● While it is easy to use your earnings to run free ads, it is very difficult for normal people to cash out to get actual money or crypto, unless you make purchases or get referrals who make purchases.

Users can find a game piece that allows them to do cash out but these pieces are rare.

It is easier for marketers and people who refer marketers to cash out to actual money, since they can unlock cashouts through referrals.

However, Coinchests is continually working on ways to make it easier for everyday people (not just people wgo refer others) to cash out to money, instead of to ads.

● Most of the audience is not in countries like the USA. So it is better for marketers who advertise products that are available worldwide.

Here is a great list of worldwide offers you can advertise

Get More Support

Once you have read this and signed up with my link, message this site so we can answer any questions and move you to the team chat group.

How to Earn - More Details

Here's how you earn.


You earn for

1️⃣ Playing the treasure-hunt game and earning coins (mostly by opening chests).

2️⃣ Referrals playing 50 rounds of the game, $1 per referral. You can also earn the $1 if they don't play 50 rounds, if you acquire in-game gold to unlock the $1.

3️⃣ Referrals making purchases (your sales) - 20% of the money they spend.

4️⃣ Referrals' referrals making purchaes - 10% of the money they spend.

5️⃣ Making purchaes yourself, of which you can use to unlock 15% of your earnings to get cash (if you prefer cash over super cheap ads).

This is the basics of how you get paid.

You can also get bonuses if

1.) You get enough sales in one month to male VIP status.

2.) You rank highly enough in the affiliate contest each month.


How do you get these 5 payment triggers?

1️⃣ Coins are acquired most quickly by opening chests. Chests and keys can be acquired slowly by playing the game, or by buying them.

2️⃣ Referrals can earn you $1 if they play 50 rounds of the game. Or, to unlock these $1 rewards, you can use gold. Gold can be acquired very slowly by playing the game (you'd have to play msny hours tonunlock 1 referral), or it is included with packages you can buy.

3️⃣ Referrals will buy ads if they are interested in very cheap advertising to the kind of people who play games or click for money

Referring these kinds of people, and helping them succeed, will allow you to earn more commissions

4️⃣ Teaching your referrals how to promote this to others, will also generate more sales for you, since you also get commission on the 2nd level.

5️⃣ Purchasing ad visitors or credit packages.

Once you have read this and signed up with my link, message our chat privately so we can answer any questions and move you to the team chat group

If You Have Trouble Cashing Out

If you have trouble cashing out due to your referrals not making purchases,

1.) You can use your earnings to run ads.

2.) You can also sell your earned ad visitors to us or to someone else, for cash. Just message this site.

3.) If you buy ads, you will be able to cash out 15% of the purchase amount, if you have any earnings.

Tips to Be Most Successful

To be most successful, with this you must

1.) Refer marketers

2.) Help them and support them, just like I am helping you.

Playing the game is cool too, and relaxing, but you won't earn much from that.

But just know that playing every day, without skipping, earns you streak bonuses, which give you more play time.

They are making lots of changes, so hopefully it will become much easier to cash out, even if you dont refer marketers or run ads

Get More Support for Coinchests

So there's your introduction.

Again, we have a list of things you can advertise to these countries.

If you want to know them, please message this site.


Once you have read this and signed up with this link, message this sote so we can answer any questions and move you to the team chat group for Coinchests.


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