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Easy $1 dollar from us

1.) If in the USA, message our Same Day Pay Facebook page.

1.a. Click the option "Easy $1 from us" at the bottom.

1.b. Copy all these instructions and paste them in the chat. Pictures are not needed.

2.) Vote in this poll 👇 (link will be sent via the Facebook page)

3.) Send a screenshot to the Facebook page showing you voted

4.) Wait until you are sent these 3 messages 👇. It could take up to 12 hours before they appear.

5.) Click Get Updates for all 3 to subscribe to all 3

6.) Post our Facebook group on your wall.

Make sure the picture shows.

Make sure it is public

7.) Send the link to your post.


Only USA Facebook accounts with more than 10 friends may participate.

We reserve the right to not pay in circumstances where we suspect the same person attempted to get paid twice.


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