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FREE stuff paying $100+ per referral. All of these have paid us, repeatedly. Limited time.

Updated: Jan 1

Did you know you can refer people to free apps, products, or services, and make $100 or more for one referral?

(links below reward us)

Even better, these products and services are not only free, but also reward your referral.

All of these have paid us, repeatedly and won't screw you over with false promises, like so many stupid "promos." Thank heavens for the good companies.

For all of these, we recommend doing them yourself and recording the steps as you do them, to be able to easily explain them to others.

If you get really lucky, it could be $200.

  • $25 for the customer

  • Popular banking and investing app

  • Only $10 deposit needed by the customer

  • ⚠️ Limited time ⚠️

  • Can pay instantly if the customer, when signing up, uses a debit card when prompted to deposit $50. If $10 deposit is made, it takes at least 4 business days

  • $25 for you if the customer's application is approved

  • Up to $15,000 for the customer, plus an all-expense-paid trip to San Diego

  • Customer must donate an egg to get a large reward

  • $100 for the customer

  • Popular banking & debit card app

  • Direct deposit required by the customer

  • $100 bonus for customer, plus hourly pay

  • Customer must do one job with a temp shift work app

Honorable Mentions

Might not be free, but no up-front cost

  • $200 signup bonus for customer

  • The customer must get approved for a business line of credit.

  • There may be a small yearly fee, but the customer only pays interest if they take money out.

  • Customer gets up to $32,200 in tax credits

  • Become an affiliate and refer self employed individuals

  • Customer must have paid taxes as a self employed individual

  • While there is a fee paid to the company to process and file, there is no charge up front to begin the process and no charge until the customer has been issued payment.

  • $300 for the customer, after being funded

  • Customer must get approved for a personal loan and get funded

  • Not free unless the customer pays it back the day after they get it; otherwise, it's interest charges until paid off

Hope this helps 🙂


Links in this post reward us for referrals

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