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New! Get $20 if your referral pays only $7. Get extra bonuses from us. Passive income is possible

Updated: Oct 2, 2023


This deal has expired.

but you can get similar offers, such as getting $20 if your referral pays $12.99 or if they pay $9.99 Just message our chat for details


but I'm doing something different this time.

Follow me here....

This offer has 2 different ways of promoting it.

1️⃣ Sign up as usual, and get your normal link that usually pays 40% commissions... this can be up to $400 if they spend $1,000.

2️⃣ Get a secret link that pays a flat $20 commission, even if your referral spends only $7!

This is the one I am focused on.

You can do both actually.

It also is paying me 20 cents just for email submissions... no purchase required.

What's new exactly?

Usually this company pays 40% commissions, but I know of a new, secret $20 link you can get that pays $20 flat instead of the 40%.

Because very few people in my audience will spend a lot of money, I am focusing on the $20 link.

Personally, I dont think this $20 one will last long, because people tend to be fraudulent with and abuse offers like this, ruining it for everyone.

But, get paid while you still can.

How do you get the $20 link?

I will be giving more details on this later.

If you want to be one of the first to know, please take me up on the offer below 👇

What are the extra bonuses?

Use my link to make your $7 purchase, and I will...

1️⃣ Let you be one of the first to know how to get this secret $20 link

2️⃣ Have our posting team post your link

for any legitimate advertisement you want,

50 times in Facebook groups

(so you can get more clicks, faster, without having to worry about Facebook jail).

3️⃣ Show you a list of dozens of links you can promote for offers you've probably not yet heard of.

4️⃣ Show you how you how to earn money on your referrals' referrals, which makes passive income possible.

5️⃣ Approve your request to join my private support group chat and Facebook group where I supprt you and we support each other in succeeding. As soon as you make the $7 purchase, just message our website chat with screenshots of proof of purchase and then join the group.

These bonuses are only available to the first 50 people and only while the secret $20 link is paying out.

What is it?

It is a training program for marketers with lots of resources, such as

● Trainings on getting great traffic and lists of ways to do so

● Three different lists of proven Facebook posts

● And tons more if you upgrade

Note: Most of the trainings and resources are only available if you upgrade, but you do get some with the $7 purchase. The more you upgrade, the more products and services you get accesss to.

Is it too good to be true?

No, but I won't expect this to last very long.

It does have perfect scores on a couple of scam-detection sites.

Who can promote it?

Almost anyone in the 🌐 world may promote it, but they want you to focus on referring these countries:

● The United States

● Canada

● The UK

● Australia or

● New Zealand


If you like low-cost products that can possibly earn you lots of money from 1 referral, also check out this one, which pays up to $350 for one referral.

Hope this helps 🙂

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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