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$130 in 90 min to train AI from your phone. Ways to get paid training AI from your phone

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We've posted about these ways to earn before, but we've decided to compile a list for you, a list only avout getting paid to train AI.

Best to worst

1.) This site paid us $50 for our first gig of uploading videos or voice clips, which took only about 15 minutes. That's why this is our #1 pick.

They currently offer up to $130 for doing little gigs like this.

2.) This phone-gigs app pays for all kinds of different phone gigs, one of which is training AI.

The per-minute pay is not nearly as good as it is with #1 above, but there is no limit to how much you can earn doing different phone gigs.

3.) This site pays better per minute than #2 does snd even offers a $100 signup bonus... but only after you qualify. The qualifying part isn't to be taken lightly though.

Qualifying takes a several hours, and because it's training a language model, the jobs can only be done by detail-oriented people with good written English skills. If you can tough it through the qualification, you can then earn over $10 an hour, plus get the signup bonus.

Want other ways to earn with a phone?

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