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New + Instant + No Deposit. 》 5 minutes or less 》Gift card to Target, Whole Foods, Chipotle, etc.

Updated: Mar 2


Update: 3/3/24 @ 2:25 am

The site shut down all signups temporarily due to overwhelming demand and, according to sources, fraud.

Hopefully everything will be back up soon, and hopefully all legitimately earned rewards still be able to be claimed.


We just found out about this site

Instant $5 - $10 gift card.

This site has perfect scores on scam detection sites.

You will need to link 1 or more banks through Stripe. I had to link two banks to get up to $5 in points. It probably depends on how actively you use the banks that you link.

You will also need to anwer some demographic information on the site.

No ID needed.

It takes less than 5 minutes.

Invisibly gift cards


Referrals pay out $1

We have no further information on referrals yet. Will update this when we do.

Hope this helps 🙂


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