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List of new ways to earn that we are testing + recent test results

Updated: May 18

Section 1

What we are still testing

(links & codes reward us)

Note. We announce new ones first to those who are subscribed to our alerts from our Same Day Pay Facebook page messenger.

A lightning bolt ⚡️ means it can pay instantly or same day.

  • Get up to $50 for leaving a high-quality review of your car, and up to $10 for referrals. - Our referral code is S4B95R - Only the highest-quality reviews can possibly get $50. - Link: Carindigo

  • Get cash rewards and other rewards for paying off debt, saving, and referring others. - The app aims to help people with debt by using positive reinforcement/rewards instead of punishment, such as fees and hits on a credit score. - I started accumulating rewards by clicking "Get started" and answering a few questions. - Cash out is at $50 - I believe to earn the most rewards, you must link a bank. This can be done in the profile area by clicking My accounts. However you may also have to get a new account, which they call "partner account." These seem to be checking accounts with credit unions. - Referrals are $20. Your referral will need to link one of these partner accounts

  • ⚡️Get an instant $5 gift card for answering a few questions and connecting your bank account. This was great in the beginning but we are unsure how much the offer has changed.

Section 2

We have finished testing these for now

✅️⚡️Get an instant $2.25 - $5.25 for filling out information about a car in your household. It takes only a few minutes. We cashed out for entering car info. We are testing referrals.

- Get the Ownli app and use code BD388D

- Possibly get more if you own a home

- Earn each month for check ins and new, quick surveys

- Cashout is instant after the 2 photos of your car are reviewed. This can take a few hours.

- Use code BD388D after installing the app

👎 Get paid to leave reviews.

Referrals rarely do the steps to earn you a referral reward because there's no significant incentive to do the steps. It aso requires a referral code; there is no link.

- $1 referrals. Referrals must do at least 1 review with a photo.

- Download app.

- Our code is BMLDCXXT

✅️ We now buy gift Amazon and Google Play gift cards. Message us here on Facebook to get started.

✅️ Get $10 - 22 for referring someone to get $0 cost health insurance.

👎 Priandori social media that pays to post and engage. This site banned us for promoting links nowhere but on our own profile. Not recommended.

✅️ Get paid to submit job applications. $5 signup bonus. $5 referrals. They paid us both for submitting job applications and referrals.

✅️ Get $20 from this cash back debit card if you spend $20 or refer someone who spends $20.

Comes with a virtual card, so you can load money quicky and get the bonus in less than 48 hours. They definitely pay.

✅️ Get a $5 signup bonus and $5 for your referrals from the Grifin app for investing in stocks, if the first investment is $5.

● When prompted to invest in a company, choose $5, not $1.

Our referral code is 2HCKCV

We got paid

● We got paid

● We got paid both for the signup reward and referral reward

● This definitely pays in multiple ways

👎 Sider money social media that pays. We could not withdraw yet or get in touch with support, so we are not testing it further unless we can. Also, the site is poorly done and runs slowly.

👎 Kwiks social media that pays said their referral program is over, and the app and site are buggy.

Section 3.

These offers are over

● MaxRewards referral bonus blitz

● Wishew waiting list referral rewards

Hope this helps 🙂


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