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New social media like TikTok that pays to post and engage. $1 - $2 referrals. Signup bonus. Testing.


1.) We are testing this site, and, although we know it is possible to request cash out to Stripe soon after signing up, we have not received the cash out funds yet.

(For a list of other offers we are testing, please visit this post)

2.) The site is extremely new, in pre-beta, and is very buggy. For instance,

  • On the website, it keeps bringing me to sign up, even though I'm already signed in. I can't view my wallet or points earned on the site.

  • On the iPhone app, I can see my wallet and points earned and can request cash out, but I am not able to see my referral area or referral earnings.

  • On the website, if I want to see referral earnings, I have to 1. Use desktop mode 2. manually enter the URL again, 3. go to profile, and 4. click the Referrals tab.

3.) There is no Android app, only an iPhone app. Android users would need to use the website

4.) The app/site pays very little for posting and engaging, but at least there is a signup bonus and referral reward, assuming we can cash these out.

What is it?

The site/app is a social media site like Tiktok, but it pays you to engage and get engagement.

I made one post and started getting points for views and likes, and also got points for engaging with others' videos.

As expected, it doesn't pay very much for these things, usually only 1 - 3 points, and it takes 100,000 points to equal only $1, but at least there is a signup bonus and referral reward.

I think Uhive social media pays better than this for engagement, but it's more like X, not like Tiktok, and pays in crypto.

Also, our Same Day Pay Facebook page messenger pays 2 cents just for one click a day on our broadcast messages, and Benjamin app pays 10 cents a day for watching 1 ad.

Signup bonus

The app/site seems to be giving 2 different signup bonuses.

1.) If you go to settings and "How Kwiks Works" you can read a little bit about the app, take a 10 second quiz, and then, if successful, spin a wheel to earn points. I earned $1.25 worth of points in my wallet area.

2.) Before I took the quiz, I seem to have gotten a $1 signup bonus credit after using a referral link to sign up and making my first post. The $1 did not show up until after I posted.

This signup bonus showed in the referrals tab in the profile area.

Cashing out

Cashing out is only a $1 minimum.

Although a friend of mine was able to request a cash out to Stripe, I was not able to do so yet because

  • I was not able to access the wallet area on the website, only the iPhone app

  • I was not able to enter my Stripe information in the wallet area of the app. Maybe if I had a larger iPhone, I would have been able to do it.

  • PayPal and Venmo are currently offline

  • I saw no way to do a cash out from the referrals area

The earnings for referrals are in a separate area than the points, and I saw no way anywhere to be able to cash this out.


The referrals area is a tab in your profile area on the website.

The app says you get 100,000 points ($1) for a referral, but I didn't get points. I got a cash credit in the referrals area.

Referrals seem to be adding $2 to my referral balance, but I honestly don't know what's going on, because I checked again later and I had $10 in the referrals area even though I only sent my link to 3 people.

I see no way to cash out the earnings in the referrals area. I'm hoping that as they fix bugs and improve the site, there will be a way.

Because of this, I would recommend focusing more on referring contacts to Wishew social media, who's referral promo is ending very soon.

But on a positive note, the referrals are easy. It seems they just need to sign up and do nothing more.

Hope this helps 🙂


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