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Banned: Scam DRAMA about $40 - $60 per hour gig. Don't buy this if...

So, I just banned a girl in my group chat 🙀

Well, I didn't actually mean it to turn out like that, but you'll want to know this, because it shows that you can make money.

She came into my inner circle group chat trying to warn me and everyone else, that the thing I was promoting was a scam.

Why was she saying this?

She was saying this based on

  1. the fact that she and many people in her circles already know how to write the letters that I'm talking about, to make $5 in 5 minutes, over & over for every letter, and

  2. the idea that, if you just know where to start, you can probably figure out the basics on your own, without messing it up too badly, and also find other training videos to help.

Now, I meant to remove her only temporarily, hoping we could talk privately and make up.

Well, that didn't go according to plan... which was probably mostly my fault there, honestly. I kept lecturing her 🤦😅.

She was trying to help everyone, including me.

I'd apologize to her, but she blocked me, soooo… life goes on.

But something really good came out of all of this.

She proved to everyone that, because she writes the letters herself, that this is actually legit.

She literally proved the letters are not a scam.

Now, if you think it's wrong for this company to sell this information, along with tips and tricks, a hand-holding service, community support, and a way to earn by referring...

... or if you think the price is unethical or something, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. This is business, and, right now, I'm more interested in making sure we all make profit... and all I see here is profit.

Besides... whether it's wrong or not for the company to sell the information, BY CONTRACT, I cannot freely share what I've learned in the trainings.

If you want the information for free, you can also try to figure out who she is and ask her to help you for free 😆. I won't mind.


3.) Message me to get help.

Back to the point, and earning money

Anyway, my points are

  1. First, she proved, in front of a bunch of people, that a.) this is a legit way to get rewards… writing letters, and b.) that the rewards can easily be converted to cash.

  2. Second, you may already know about this and may be doing it. I surely didn't know about it, so the cost to get this information was WELL worth it to me. That to me was the bottom line. What's a couple hundred when I can make double that, every day, if I want? But please don't buy this if you already know a way to make money writing letters to businesses, unless you talk to me first. I really don't want anyone spending money unnecessarily.

Start making money

If you want to buy this and start earning, there has been a delay in setting up the Stripe payments. I know I said it would be launching Monday, but it turns out you will have to find another way to make the purchase. I can help.


3.) Message me to get help.

List of Benefits

● Training on how to get $40 - $60 per hour writing letters (you'll start off making less but quickly get the hang of it).

● No promoting, referring, or recruiting, at all, needed to earn

● No degree necessary

● No experience necessary

● No boss

● No miles on your car

● No unsafe situations with customers

● Work from anywhere, almost any time

● Quick to get up and started

● Get your rough draft letters inspected by experienced veterans

● Access to a paid-members only Facebook group for support.

● If you do wish to refer instead of just write letters, you can earn

  • $100 per referral

  • $5/month per referral if they choose to stay a member

  • Earnings on referrals' referrals, which can really multiply.


3.) Message me to get help.

Hopefully I made lemonade out of lemons 🍋.

And I hope this helps 🙂



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