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$6.67 - $18.75 per referral to a free app with no deposit and no ID required. Pays quickly.

Updated: Feb 3

What is it?

This free app helps people get the most rewards possible with their rewards cards.

(links reward us)

The app has perfect scores on scam-detection sites.

Users can just search for their rewards cards, and then link the card accounts to the app.

This app is also a great way to see information on all rewards cards in one place.

Our referral code is joelj81

Signup reward

The signup reward if you use a referral code (our code is joelj81) is one gold credit. A gold credit gives one month free of their upgrade ($7 a month), which gives even more ways to maximize rewards.

Referral reward

Referral rewards depend on the number of people you refer to the app. Referral must link an eligible bank account.

See the tiers here 👇

Rewards are paid out in gift cards unless you reach 40 referrals, which allows you to cash out to a bank transfer.

Rewards can be redeemed in less than 2 days if you are ok with gift cards.

This promo ends Feb 29, 2024

If you like referring others to earn, check out or list of best referral offers for people on a budget.

Get MaxRewards App referral code joelj81

Hope this helps 😊


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I signed up... this is Jessica Mercer and used my business email so you can check. I still need to add my card. I just wanted to do some research before I add it

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