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More same-day pay items added. | Get faster alerts about ways to earn. | $1,300 promo is back | buy and sell audiences (maybe Facebook groups, Telegram channels, etc.)

Updated: May 24

New offers added that we pay same day for

We have added these 3 options to the Same Day Pay List recently

● Gemini

● Newbie

● Pick one offers list

To get started, just

2. Type one of these 3 offers 👆 in the chat

Other things you can type in the Facebook page chat

⚫️ You can type “Discord” to get our Discord server link. When you join, you can do things like…

• Get alerts about new earning apps

• Buy and sell Facebook groups or other media/communities/audiences.

⚫️ You can type “Telegram” to get faster alerts regarding

• Instant and same-day pay offers

• Other new offers

• Our affiliate program

🤑 The $1,300 Webull promo has restarted

If you can't get this app, we will pay you $30 to find someone who can. Just message the Facebook page and type "Webull" to get more information.

● Only 1 cent is needed for the deposit.

● Get $9 in stocks from the app, plus extra from us, same day.

● Get $30 in stocks, minimum, for each referral

● Refer 10 people who make a deposit of any amount on or before June 19, and get a minimum bonus of $1,000.


Just message the Facebook page and type Webull to get step-by-step instructions and possibly get an extra reward from us.

💱 Buy and sell your audiences/communities

such as Facebook groups, Telegram channels, Youtube accounts, etc.

There's a new channel in our Discord server about this. Check it out here.

Hope this helps 🙂


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