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Huge Gig-work list, with helper apps too! Get flexible work/gigs.

Updated: May 9

Three sections below

Section 1:

Gig work/flex work including gig-work apps

Section 2:

Paid for Mileage tracking, Save on gas, Get rewards for travel, Passive income for gig workers

Section 3:

Other rewards apps for gig workers

ℹ️ Items with a green hearts 💚 💚 were most recently added.

(links are affiliate links that reward us)


Section 1: Gig work/flex-work

The more common ones that you probably already know about are listed later.

● Some payments are made within a few hours

💚💚 Get paid same day for sharing information about your car and insurance

Get an instant $2.25 - $5.25 for filling out information about a car in your household. It takes only a few minutes.

- Get the Ownli app and use code BD388D

- Possibly get more if you own a home

- Continue to earn each month for check ins and new, quick surveys

- Cashout is instant after the 2 photos of your car are reviewed. This can take a few hours.

- Use code BD388D after installing the app

● Do surveys that pay over $1.50 a minute if you qualify.

● For people with health conditions or who work in the medical field

● Please use referrer name 

Joel Johnson 

and referrer email

Not really "work" exactly, but you'll definitely want to know:

Women Get $7,000 - $15,000 and paid-for travel to San Diego if willing to be an egg donor

🖋 Get $40 - $60 per hour writing letters to certain companies that are required to reward you, and then converting those rewards into cash.

● Link is to a training course

Help Store Run build their app to cut out the middle man, and help everyone save and earn more money.

📣 Important Announcement: Tax credit ending April 15

Did you pay taxes for 1 or 2 years during covid? Was the total over $3,000? Gig workers, freelancers, and other self employed people may qualify to get it ALL back, up to $32,220, with the SETC tax credit.

💡 Pro tip. Get an extra $200 if you send your payouts (direct deposit) to a new bank account for this gig.

Get $2 from this mileage tracking app if you do work for companies like Uber, Doordash, Instacart, etc.

● It also helps you earn more money by using AI to make recommendations based on boatloads of data and analysis.

● Sign up, connect your work app, and add your PayPal or Venmo.

● Comes with a free trial

● You get a $10 bonus when you upgrade to the $8 monthly plan.

📱Get paid by us for promoting us on Facebook

● If you have at least USA 300 friends and followers on Facebook, see #8 in this list to earn $4 in 5 minutes.

● If you have at least 1,000 USA friends and followers on Facebook, see #2 in this list.

● Set your own rate per question

🔥 $100 bonus 🔥 for your first shift!

📱 Get paid 50 cents to do very short, simple tasks from your phone, like search for a website and click one link. 

● Tasks take less than 2 minutes each

● Pay takes a few weeks to hit your bank account.

📷 Observa

● Mostly store audits and mystery shopping

● Can often do this at Walmart

● Various kinds of jobs

● Get paid hourly

● $25 Bonus

Facebook group here 👇

● Mostly store audits and mystery shopping

● Can often do this at Walmart

👷‍♂️ Instawork

● Temp shift work

● $250 bonus if you get hired full time

● Taking photos, testings apps, training A.I., doing surveys, and more.

ℹ️ They accept deliveries from several other delivery companies too

● Bonuses vary by region 

● Bonuses vary by region 

Use name Kathryn Hitt as reference.


Section 2: Save on Gas, Get Rewards for Travel,

& Passive Income

● Helps you earn more by deciding the best pings to take

● Keeps you safer while driving by automatically logging off of the other apos when you acceotva trip.

● It helps you earn more

● Just sign up, connect your work app, and add your PayPal or Venmo.

● To get the $10 bonus you would need to upgrade to get help earning more.

● Move around, get paid (a little)

● Check into public locations, get paid

● Track your driving habits, get paid

● Click on ads, get paid

● Do surveys, get paid

● Browse online, get paid

● Refer others, get paid

● Rideshare drivers keep a tablet in your car for passive income


Section 3: Other Reward Apps for Gig Workers 

● Get your phone bill, internet bill, cable bill and other bills reduced with the help of professional negotiators. Only pay them a cut of your savings if they succeed

● Shop for cheaper car insurance

● Refer others and get paid

*Links are affiliate links

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