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$9 signup bonus. $9 - $10 for referrals. Cash back passively as you shop. Is MyGini legit?

Updated: Mar 14

What is it? Is MyGini legit?

MyGini is an app that gives you cash back as you shop. I am still testing it, but it has perfect scores on scam-detection sites.

I love the apps that just send you rewards without thinking about it, as long as they can be trusted. When it's legit, that becomes a bit of passive income, with little time or money invested.

Our referral code JOELJ11

  • Some offers, like cash back at Burger King, simply require you to have a linked card, and to use that card. This reminds me a lot of the Benjamin app, which is currently my favorite app like this. You just earn cash back without even thinking about it. But at a minimum, I'll at least try to get the signup bonus from myGini.

If this doesn't sound like it's for you, maybe check out the list of things we are testing and recently tested, or the Ultimate list.

  • The cool thing about MyGini is that the cash back goes to the same card you used. Also, they send you emails to remind you to claim your rewards, which is definitely helpful.

  • Some offers will require you to use a browser extension. Because the extension may be hard to use from some mobile devices, you may need to use a laptop or desktop computer. Honestly, for these offers, I'd probably try to use a site like Rakuten instead, which doesn't require an extension and usually has a $30 signup bonus.

  • The way to earn the most with these apps is to link the cards you use most often.

Signup bonus

The signup bonus is $9 if

  • You use your linked card...

  • ... to spend $25 or more...

  • ... at a cash back store.

This means you get both the cash back and the signup bonus.

Our referral code is JOEL11

Cashing out

Cash out minimum is $10, and they'll send you an email with a link to cash out quickly. To get to $10 with the bonus, you'll either need to pick a store that earns you 4% cash back or more, or spend more than $25. But if you link the card you use most often, that definitely will not be a problem.

I know you can cash out to Amazon and other gift cards. I am not sure yet if you can actually cash out to fiat.

I don't think there's a way to cash out same day, so check back later when I test it.

You can also message our Same Day Pay Facebook page if you need a little cash within 24 hours.


Referrals are $9. There is no referral link, unfortunately. It requires that your referrals use a referral code.

You get an extra $100 if you get 10 referrals.

Your referral has to earn their $9 bonus for you to get yours.

Our referral code is JOEL11

In conclusion, at least for now, I'm pretty sure that my answer to "Is MyGini legit?" will be yes.

That's all for now, but Check out the current list of apps and sites we are testing.

Hope this helps 🙂


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