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Ends soon: $60 - $195 signup bonus, up to $2,200 for 1 referral & boosted signup & referral rewards

Updated: Mar 23

Thanksgiving and Black Friday week brought us all some treats

(links below reward us)

1. $60 - $195 Signup Bonus

Such an insane offer... and it's still going!

In case you didn't know, or thought it ended already, Webull investing app is still giving away 20 fractional shares of stock worth a minimum of $60, for only depositing 1 cent... if you use certain referral links, like this one, and get the deposit started before 9pm PST on Nov 30.

Most people get $60 - $95.

Some people get $95 - $195.

A few lucky people win what I call the "Webull jackpot" and get thousands.

If you need help after signing up, message us here or on our Facebook. Just write, "help with Webull."

But even if you have to work for your dough, you're still in luck, because the referral reward matches the signup reward.

But get this. The referral reward also offers an insane extra bonus if you get 10 referrals by Nov 30.... a minimum of $1,200 worth of Apple stock.

2. Up to $2,00 for one referral who qualifies for this tax credit

Do you know self-employed people? Just ask ChatGPT for a list of 50 jobs that report taxes on a Schedule C, and you’ll think of some people, quickly.

Check out our affiliate program, which can pay up to $2,200 for one referral to this tax credit, which can give them over $30,000.

3.) Limited-time boosted rewards

Strike global money app for fast, safe payments and Bitcoin app is giving $10 right now for signups and referrals, which is pretty good considering you and/or your referral only have to deposit 1 cent.

If you fund Strike with a debit card, you may be able to get this instantly, but, if you can, you'll probably have to fund more than 1 cent. I haven't tried this in a long time, but why not try $1 with a debit card, and let me know how it goes.

This ends on Nov 29.

Scrambly instant-cash-out rewards app has also boosted its referral rewards until December 1, for those using affiliate links (to earn a 1-time payment up front instead of payments over time). It is currently $5 instead of the typical $3 when your referral cashes out... and they can cash out as little as one dollar.

Moneylion financial app is giving $10 for Roar Money-account signups and referrals right now, when they usually give only $5.

No deposit is required.

This ends on Nov 30.

Hope this helps 🙂


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