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Ambassador Referral Program. Earn on Leads Generated. Referral Bonuses up to $9, Get Passive Income

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Instructions on how to sign up are towards the end of this page.

ℹ️ This program will likely change to be more attractive later in the testing process, when we can handle more volume.

Get paid for 4 actions

Action 1.) Get $2 per referral if your referral becomes qualified, and up to $0.45 if they do not.

To become qualified, your referral must make 8 or more qualifying clicks in emails sent from our domain

Even if they only perform 1 - 7 qualifying clicks, you will still be paid at the per-click rate, described below.

Also, if we count 2 clicks from them, there is a $0.10 bonus. This means total pay for the first 2 clicks os 20 cents.

Even more, there is a $1.50 bonus on top of the other money you earn for the first 8 clicks, which, when all added together is $2.

Every click after these 8 will also count.

Note: The first click must be within 3 months or within the first 20 emails, whichever comes first.

Only USA residents and citizens will count.

Action 2.) Continue to earn passively, $0.05 per click your referral does... for life...

...for all marketing emails sent from the domain. The limit is 1 click every 6 hours, to prevent abuse.

If your referral clicks twice, there is $0.10 bonus.

The first click must be within 3 months or within the first 20 emails, whichever comes first.

Only USA residents and citizens will count.

If higher incentives are released, your past referrals will be grandfathered into the new earn-per-click rate.

Action 3.) Get 75% of the deposit amount...

... for each referral that submits the small, 100% refundable deposit to join the basic program,

Action 4.) Commision on purchases by your referral

  • $5 commision on purchases under $40

  • $15 commision on purchases of $40 - $79.99

  • $31 commision on purchases $80 and above.

ℹ️ Note:

  • $31 maximum commissions lifetime on purchases by a single referral.

  • Only the first 2 purchases by your referral can qualify for commission.

Cashout minimum

To cash out you must have earned $30. Your deposit is also refunded at first cash out.

Required: 100% Refundable Deposit

To upgrade to the ambassador program, you must submit the 100% refundable deposit. The deposit will be refunded once you have done your first cash out.

If you never reach the cash out quote, unfortunately, this means you forfeit the deposit.

Switching Programs

If you switch to the ambassador program after having referred others under the lower deposit basic program, your old referrals will continue to earn you per click at the rate of the basic referral program, while new referrals will earn you per click at the rate of the Ambassador program.

Payment Time Frame, and Quick Cash

Typically, earnings balances are paid out the last Friday of the month, to those who met the earnings threshold requirement.

If you need cash more quickly, and you have met the cash out threshold, you can request to cash out your entire balance early, for a 25% fee. This option is only available to those ​in the ambassador program.

Again, this will probably be improved to have quicker cash outs, with no fees, after beta

To get started with the Ambassador program...

1.) Fill out the form here:

3.) Message us "Ambassador program" (using the chat button at the bottom right)

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