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These great promos are going away

Links below rewards us

1. The $10-$15 Wishew social media referral offer that can be used to "make a wish" may be already be over by the time you read this

Check to see if the referral limit countdown is already down to zero.

● It normally is only $5

● Just sign up with a referral link and set up your wallet.

● Use code $texasboy99 when you join

No deposit necessary

3.) The last day to file for the SETC tax credit for self employed individuals is April 15, 2024

This can possibly pay out over $25,000, and our referral program can possibly pay you out over $2,200.

● It normally is $200

● You must receive at least one direct deposit. This can easily be done from gig apps like Uber and Doordash.

● Referrals are for $50


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