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A new way to refer and earn

When we earn, you earn

Do you have over 300 USA friends on Facebook?

Can you get people to just message a Facebook page that

● Helps them earn money

● Does not ask for money

● Pays them same day

● Does not ask for SSN, ID, phone number, or even email!

● and even pays them to engage?

... which earns you a quick reward plus passive income?

Get your own QR code to refer! You can even make stickers and put them on your car, your t-shirt, etc

Get paid for

  1. Sending us new USA contacts who message the page - $0.05

  2. Your leads subscribing - $0.25

  3. Your leads engaging with our broadcast messages - $0.02 / message (maximum of 1 per day)

  4. Your leads clicking links - $0.05 / click (maximum of 1 per day)

This can possibly be over $10 for 1 referral in the first year!

You must have over 300 USA friends on Facebook.

Cash out minimum is $30. You can cash out early, even same day, for a $3 fee.

Please see the other terms below.

Message our website chat to get started. Just say, "affiliate option 2."

See the full terms and conditions for our referral programs.


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