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$50 for a 30-minute interview. $50 referrals. New offer from old website

What is it?

This site has paid us before and has a new gig... get $50 for a 30 minute interview about choosing your doctor.

The site has multiple health related surveys and interviews, some paying over $150 for people with specific health conditions. This $50 interview is not for any specific health condition.

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Similar Sites

While not everyone who applies will be accepted, there are other sites that pay about the same or even more for interviews. Check out

  1. Rarepatientvoice also pays nicely for health-related surveys if you are chosen

  2. Respondent also has some very high-paying interview offers, and they are not just about health.


The site pays different amounts for referrals, depending on which survey or interview you refer people to. If your referral gets approved for this $50 gig and does the interview, you will receive a $50 reward.

Need Same-day Pay?

These sites do not pay same day. If you need same-day pay, message our Same Day Pay Facebook page.

Hope this helps 🙂


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