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Get up to $220 for a health-related survey or interview. Referrals up to $50

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Update on 9/19/23

Savvy paid me.

I could have chosen other gift cards, but I chose Amazon.

This $50 was for just 1 referral 👇!


This health-interviews gig site is similar to another site that many of us are familiar with, Rarepatientvoice.

With both sites, you can earn by doing surveys and interviews about your health.

I have thoroughly tested Rarepatientvoice and found out it does pay very well for surveys that you get approved for, up to $2 a minute, and also pays consistently for referrals, $10.

Now I am testing Savvy, which seems to pay about the same rate as Rarepatientvoice pays for surveys/interviews, but pays more for referrals.

See example gigs on Savvy here 👇

As you can see, Savvy pays up to $220, or $110 per hour, and pay up to $50 for referrals.

I have not yet been approved for a gig yet, perhaps because of my profession. Hopefully you don't have health conditions, but, if you do, hopefully you get approved.

Hope this helps 🙂

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