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$5 referrals. No deposit. No ID. Is Sider money legit? New social media site, Sider Money review

Updated: Feb 13

Update: 2/13/24. Is Sider Money Legit?

We reached the $50 withdrawal threshold, but cannot withdraw yet and see no way to contact supprt to find out why.

Is Sider Money legit? Not yet, in our opinion, if ever.

Sider .money is sending me emails saying I am earning referral rewards... $5 each.

Minimum cash out is at $50, though, so we have not been able to cash out.

This site is a new social media site that allows you to set some posts to be viewable only if someone pays.

It seems as if it was made available even though it is in the very first stages, because it seems pretty crude / unpolished right now.

Because of this I would probably focus on referring to Wishew instead.

I am still uncertain on the exact steps your referral needs to take, to trigger your reward, but I woukd maybe encourage them to

● Follow you

● Create their profile

● Verify email

● Make a post

Check back for updates on whether or not we get paid.

Hope this helps 🙂


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