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NEW $100 to refer a business. $2 signup bonus. $1 friend referrals. Instant cashout. Virtual ATM app

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

We are testing the referral program for this app and instant cash out.

We already got the $2 signup bonus just by adding a referral code. If you want to do the same, our code is JJo259



We did get rewarded for referrals. Now we need to test using the app to get cash at a business.


What is it?

Spare is an app that lets almost any business act like an ATM, and therefore gives consumers more options when needing cash.

You just add money to the app using a card, pick the place in the map to pick up cash, and then you order the cash pickup.

Signup Bonus

I quickly got the $2 credit when I entered a referral code.

You have to

✔️ Sign up

✔️ Verify ID

✔️ Click the wallet button

✔️ Click top up

✔️ Enter a promo code. Our code is JJo259

Referral Program

Referrals are $1 if you refer a person and $100 if you succesfully refer a business.

Businesses have to do 50 transactions, but your friends only needs to enter your code.

Unfortunately, I got an error when trying to sign up as an affiliate to refer businesses.


As soon as you have $10 in your account, you can request a cash withdrawal. You can do this without referring anyone, but you'd probably have to deposit some funds.

We know there are fees, but we are not sure how much they are, because we have not tried an "ATM" transaction yet by going to a business to pick up cash.

Again, our code is JJo259

Hope this helps


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I just signed up but wasn’t asked for a code 🤔

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