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Split drop review. $5 signup bonus. $5 referrals.

Updated: Mar 19

This new, paid-for-gaming, signup offers and surveys survey site has high trust scores on scam-detection sites, so we figured we'd test it out.

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The site appears to be very well done, more intelligently designed than most similar sites.

You can also do a daily spin to earn.

Split Drop Review Part 1: Signup Bonus

We just had to go through a 3 minute tutorial that walks us around the site, and we were rewarded with $5 in credits.

You cannot cash out the $5 immediately.

Cashing out

The first cash out is required minimum of $10.

The site lets you cash out to Paypal, prepaid cards, Litecoin, and many different gift cards.

If you need same day pay, visit our same-day-pay and instant-pay list here.


Referrals are $2.

To get a successful referral with Split Drop, your referral needs to successfully cash out.

Hope this Split Drop review helps! 🙂


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Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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Its pretty much like scrambly and freecash.

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