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Earn up to 11 ways with this free, WORLDWIDE app

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Earn passive money!

Earn 11 ways (number 11 is the best)

Get paid for...

1.) Playing games

2.) Checking into public places

3.) Just going around town. This isn't more than $25 a month, but this is passive income, if you have an unlimited data plan.

4.) Tracking your driving score/habits, passively.

5.) Clicking on pop-up ads when you go to stores

6.) Doing surveys

7.) Using a cash back Chrome extension while shopping

8.) Your referrals driving around and checking into places.

9.) Your referrals playing games, if you upgrade.

10.) Your referrals tracking their driving habits, if you upgrade.

All money from referrals is passive if you upgrade, and if they continue to use the app.

11.) Your referral's referrals (If you upgrade) doing all these things. This is how to make the most money*


*The upgrade is a YEARLY membership ($4.95 - $19.95) to upgrade to an affiliate. It's well worth it if you can refer others.

You can still be paid for referrals without upgrading, just not passively. And you can still be paid passively for using the app yourself.








*Links are affiliate links that reward us

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