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Oh my. Three new amazing promos. Christmas must have come early

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Deal Number 1

Webull, a popular, free investing app, is offering $120 minimum in free stock if you just refer ONE friend to deposit ONE CENT. Usually this is only $36 - $40, so $120 for only one is almost unbelievable.

(links reward us).

And on top of that, your friend gets $36 minimum, if they deposit the one cent or more, making it an even easier referral.

And these are minimum amounts! Luck could make these numbers even higher

If you don't have this yet, use our link and get the 1 cent deposit done by 9:59 pm Oct 23, and message us so we can throw in some freebies as our way of saying thanks.

Deal Number 2

This instant-pay app, Scrambly is offering more than double the normal referral reward. With it's offer walls, paid for gaming, etc., it gives lots of ways to earn, including a $3 referral offer. But right now, until October 25, they are offering $7 for a successful referral.

Your referral simply needs to cash out $1 or more.

Oh and if you like same-day pay, we just launched our new group.

Check it out

Deal Number 3

Bill .com is once again offering $200 Visa cards to whoever gets approved for a business line of credit, and is also offering the $200 to whoever refers that person.

Good luck beating that.

But wait.

If you want a personal loan, rather than business line of credit, Sofi gives $300 when your loan is funded. While this is not new, how could I not mention it?

If you need some funding, maybe it is best to do both, right?

All three of these are for a limited time, of course.

Hope this helps 🙂


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Todd Meyers
Todd Meyers
18 oct 2023

Thank you!!! I sure can't beat that

Me gusta
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