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$50 signup bonus and $50 referral rewards from this credit union. Unify FCU review

Unify FCU review

Unify Federal Credit Union is offering an easy $50 signup bonus if you...

  1. Use a referral link to sign up, and

  2. Deposit $25.

If you need a referral link, message our Same-day Pay Facebook page with your email address, and say, "Unify."

During signup, you will probably need to join Friends of Hobbs (a park preservation club), for free, to qualify for membership with Unify FCU.

Also, all financial institutions require ID and social security, so be prepared to provide that.

Who are they?

Their website says, "UNIFY brings local credit union banking to members anytime, anywhere. From flexible terms to innovative banking technology, better banking begins with U."

My experience

I had a great experience with my agent who called me after approval and was very personable and helpful.

There were a lot of steps, such as having to upload documents to prove identity and address, but they were very easy to understand and quick and easy to do. After signing up, they'll email you to ask you for these documents.


Referrals are $50 and can only be done by getting the email address of the person you wish to refer, and then entering their email address into a form on Unify's website. You can just google "Unify FCU referral" to find the form.

You can earn up to $600 per calendar year.

I hope this Unify FCU review helps. 😊


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