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New app. Earn by participating in clinical trials. Also has signup and referral rewards. Vision engage app review.

Updated: Jan 19

New clinical-trials app - Vision Engage app review.

Although we are still testing this new app and its referral program, we have seen multiple pay proofs and heard testimonials of their paying, and paying quickly.

They have great scores on scam-detection sites.

It takes less than 5 minutes to earn the $5 signup bonus.

(links reward us)



12/31/23 @ 4:28 pm CST

Referrals are now showing as only $1.

For a list of the easiest signup bonuses, click here.


The app was paying instantly before it started going viral; now they are paying out some time after the new year.


2.) Fill out your basic health profile (no ID or SSN) a

3.) choose to get paid with a virtual card.

Continue to get paid from this app if you are eligible to participate in clinical trials.

Referrals are $5 and are also rumored to be paying quickly.

For a list of instant-pay and same-day-pay opportunities, click here.

Enjoy getting paid to participate in health-related studies?

Try this survey site that pays over $1.50/ minute if you qualify for a survey.

I hope this Vision Engage app review helps 🙂


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