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What's hot 🔥 this week. Boosted rewards and new ways to earn... and what's going away

These are this week's hottest ways to earn from anywhere, any time.

Most of these will not last long or are time-sensitive.

Note: Some opportunities may be equally as awesome, just not time-sensitive, so I recommend checking out our Ultimate List

1.) Webull investing app referral promo

This is scorching hot again, offering a minimum of $1,500 if you successfully refer 10 new users by January 31.

You also get a chance to win over $20,000 worth of free stocks.

The new users simply have to open a trading/brokerage account and deposit only 1 cent or more.

Even better, they get a minimum of $9 in free stocks, along with a chance to get lucky and get thousands of dollars in free stocks.

You can give them these steps 👇

  • Sign up

  • After confirming your phone number, download the app

  • When you open the app, at the bottom, click the Open Account button

  • Sign up for a trading / brokerage account, then choose cash.

  • When you see checkmarks for stocks and ETFs, just continue. Don't change anything.

  • Wait an hour or 2 for approval

  • ❗️Set a reminder alarm to deposit the 1 cent after approval. Most people waste their time because they sign up but don't finish by doing the deposit.

  • After approval, go to the bull horns button at the bottom center, and go to the transfers tab at the top.

  • Choose to deposit with ACH

  • Choose real time or instant

  • Connect your bank. Chime, Sofi, and Chase all work well for this.

  • Deposit the 1 cent

  • After the deposit settles, claim the free stocks

2.) The Paid Per Letter writing gig training is now launched...

...teaching people how to earn $40 - $60 per hour writing letters to businesses, businesses required by law to reward them for each letter. Some already know the basics of this, but this...

  • teaches them the best practices and best ways to convert the rewards to cash

  • helps them with some supervision services

  • provides community support

  • offers a lucrative affiliate program

  • includes powerful marketing tools

  • and more

3.) MoneyLion financial & cash-advance app: signup bonus and referral reward

Both of these are doubled through January 31, when a Roar money account is created, and no deposit is required.

Usually the reward is $5, but currently it's $10.

👉 Use code $texasboy99 when you join to make sure you get the bonus

4.) Old apps with new offers

Some apps, like Scrambly, always have new hot offers. Scrambly pays instantly, but I really like to check this other site often, to see their new highest paying ones.

They always have their usual things (like $100 bonus for doing your first Doordash delivery or a $200 bank signup bonus) but new stuff pops up on the site often and is easy to find when you use our tip below 👇.

I saw a game you can play and earn over $500 if you play long enough and reach certain levels (although they will try to get you to buy stuff all along the way, I'm sure).

To see the highest paying ones, you have to go to the website, not the app. Click offers > All Offers and sort Max to min.

Oh, and if you refer others, you get 10% of everything they earn.

5.) Some new ways to earn

We recently posted about the $20 signup bonus you can get from this app and Chrome extension.

Also, we often alert our followers about new offers and ways to earn, so make sure to check out how to get alerts from us.

6.) Monzo online banking instantly-paying signup bonus and referral reward

Normally the signup bonus and referral reward for this app is $10, but it's currently $15. And there's a way to get it instantly, though it's not easy.

Basically, you need to put $15 or more on the virtual card, and then spend the $15, but they don't give you the card number, so...

● You must have money on Google Pay or Apple Pay.

● When signing up, it prompts you to link the virtual card to Google Pay or Apple Pay. Do that.

● Use your money on Google Pay or Apple Pay to put $15 on the card

● Use Google Pay or Apple Pay to buy something (such as something on the App store, or a website that lets you pay wity these).

Make sure it is set to use your Monzo card when you pay with Apple or Google Pay.

● If you have difficulty using Google Pay or Apple Pay, you can wait for your physical card to come in the mail.

I was not able to determine the date this ends.

Hope this helps 🙂


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