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New promo! $30 referrals. $5 signup bonus. Save on gas, get discount gift cards, and more

The News

This site has been around for a while now, but they are now offering $30 for referrals. We are testing this promo, which also gives a $5 signup bonus. This promotion lasts until the end of September.

Referral Requirements

In order to earn referral rewards your referral must take a payout through the site.

If you succesfully use our link, get a payout and get the $5 reward, reach out to us for a thank-you gift.

Who Are They?

Zayzoon is a company that helps companies pay their workers and also provide perks to them.

ℹ️ Don't worry... if you don't know if your company works with them, I know one that anyone can join. Just keep reading.

Their site has great ratings with scam-detection sites.

Zayzoon helps workers get financial insights, education, and recommendations about their specific financial situation.

Take a look at these perks 👇

How Anyone Can Get In

You will need to receive at least 1 payment from a company they service.

Your employer may be one of the companies that Zayzoon services. I'll provide a list of some emplyers you may recognize.

But if your main employer is not one they work with, one company that can possibly get anyone is this gig app... Merchandiser by Survey app.

Survey offer jobs such as mystery shopping and store-shelf audits, often at Walmart.

Survey pays their workers through a payroll provider named OpenForce, and OpenForce gives you the option to get paid through Zayzoon.

The jobs don't take long, and you'll need to do at least one to qualify for payments through Zayzoon.

So, one way to start is to

1.) Sign up for Survey and Zayzoon

When signing up for Zayzoon, I suggest you put Survey as your employer and OpenForce as your payroll provider

2.) Do a job for Survey

3.) Take the payout through Zayzoon.

So, you get paid for

1.) The gig job from Survey

2.) The $5 bonus from Zayzoon

3.) Referrals for both apps, if you refer people.

Other Employers You May Recognize who use Zayzoon.

● McDonald's

● Subway

● Burger King

● Domino's

● Wendy's

● Double Tree by Hilton

● Panera Bread

● Mazda

● And over 100 more

Hope this helps


Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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