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$7.50 - $20.00 signup bonus... $7.50 - $20.00 referrals... Earn interest.. Build credit... But...

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

What is it?

Zurp is a card that

1.) Builds your credit

2.) Gives you rewards... 100% cash back on stuff you'll love.

3.) Pays interest on your deposits.

Basically, its a credit card that doesn’t charge you interest but pays you interest, and also gives you nice rewards for using it

The downside is that you have to deposit money before you can spend with this card, which makes it function a lot more like a debit card in some ways. But most of us already do that with our bank accounts.

Signup bonus

Zurp's signup bonus is 10,000 points and requires no deposit. It's worth anywhere from $7 - $20, or even more if you decide to store up a lot of points for a particular great offer.

Personally I think there are much easier signup bonuses, but, to be fair, those don't usually give you all the other perks that Zurp gives you.

You can immediately use the first 10,000 points at 2 places, Dunkin Donuts, for $7.50 or Chamberlain Coffee, for $20.

Or you can save them for better rewards.

Once you get to only 12,000 points in your Zurp account, you can redeem them at many more popular places. See the images below.

Getting More Points

You can get more points by

1.) Spending with the Zurp card that builds your credit

2.) Making deposits to get another bonus (currently $100 gives 10,000 points, and higher deposits give more.

3.) Referring others

Redeeming Rewards

To redeem the points, you first pick a store, like Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, Etc.

Each has a minimum points required. For instance,

● Get $15 for Chick-Fil-A if you reach 12,000 points.

● Get $20 for Chamberlain coffee for only 10,000 points.

● Get $50 for Amazon for 45,000 points.

After you choose your reward, you must use your Zurp card to spend there (Zurp gives you a virtual card so you can start early).

You will get ALL of that money back up to the dollar amount of the reward.

Since this is like a 0% interest credit card in some ways, the money will show as statement credit, which means you have more money available to spend.

Oh, and don't worry about missing payments. The money you deposited will cover your statement balance automatically.

Referral Program

Referrals are 10,000 points once your referral has deposited $100.

There are referral programs that are much better than this. Check out our list.

Earn Interest

Your deposits earn you interest. Check the latest information in the app for the interest rate you earn.

Hope this helps


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