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Crowdgig review. $10 in 15 minutes.

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

This site, has been very solid since we first introduced it, bringing us in hundreds of dollars (if not over $1,000 by now).

What they pay for

1.) The job offers, which can pay out over $100 total, for less an hour of time.

2.) The $10 signup bonus, if you do only 1 job

3.) The referral program that pays $5.

What are the gigs/jobs?

The jobs involve doing tasks to train AI, such about collecting videos and voice clips, or labeling them.

Here are some example gigs/jobs.

I recommend filling out as much profile information as possible before applying and before referring.

Bonus requirements

According to the referral terms, the $10 signup bonus is awarded after the first job is completed and approved.

As someone referring others, your $5 reward is awarded after your referral's job is completed and approved.

It says payments can take up to 45 days.

If you need quick pay, maybe check out our Instany-pay List or our Easiest Freebies and Bonuses List.

Here's more of the referral terms for the site.

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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