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A List of Very Simple Referral Opportunities

Updated: Feb 29

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This list is updated regularly. Items with green hearts 💚💚 were most recently added.

What Qualifies as Very Simple?

These often involve your referral simply just giving their email address. If it's more than that, its not much more. It can be done in a few minutes, with clear and easy steps from the app or website.

Now, sometimes it's easier to get someone to buy something than to get them to, say, sign up for an free app, but we made our criteria based on how easy the steps are, not how easy or difficultit is to convince someone to do those steps.

The items in this list require

● Very few steps, with clear instructions

● Low failure rate once the person begins

● No deposit

● No purchase

● No ID verification

And you can still get the referral reward.

ℹ️ Note: Though it may be super easy to get the referral credit, some of these offers have cashout minimums.

Just because it is on this list doesn't mean it is one of our top recommended referral programs.

Get $6 from this cash back and earning app if your referral just signs up and connects their bank and card. If you can get them do just that, it's about 30% - 50% chance you'll get the reward.

● It's an app that gives passive cash back while shopping and other cash back for doing activities. Everyone shops, and, since it's passive, it's highly likely to trigger your reward.

● Payment could take months, but with that high of a success rate for something so easy, we had to include it.

Get $3 from this travel deals site for each account that subscribes and clicks a link in an email.

Get $15 from this debit card app if your referral just creates a debit card account.

● We broke the rule on this one. ID is required. But for $15, no purchase and no deposit, we thought you'd want to know.

Get $2 from this dropshipping app for influencers if your referral simply registers, installs the app, and logs in.

● 10 referrals per month maximum.

Get $1 from this free 2nd phone number app that pays to get texts if your referral simply verifies they are in the USA and have a USA phone number.

● Click the link above 👆 to see the blog post with details.

Get $0.05 - $15 if your referral just submits their email address or messages a Facebook page

● Click the link above 👆 to see the blog post with details.

Get about $0.75 worth of points from this earn-by-walking app if your referral just signs up and enters your referral code.

● They get the same reward for signing up

● Tell them to go to Settings > Enter my

referral code.

Our code is JxEL-Cd19m

Hope this helps 🙂

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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