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Easiest ways to get paid for gaming, watching videos, relaxing... or by referring others to these

Get paid for gaming and entertainment. Categories are:

1.) 💲 Highest pay for getting paid for gaming

2.) 🤝 Best game for referrals

3.)⚡️ Quickest payout

4.) 🎥 Best for watching entertaining videos

5.) 🎥 Best pay for watching video ads

6.) 🥳 Funnest games

7.) 😎 Best game to chill the mind and relax


(Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it).

1️⃣ Games on InboxDollars and Swagbucks pay the most in my opinion.

● Concept

These are sites where you can get paid for doing many different things. They offer all kind of huge sign up bonuses and surveys. You can also get paid for cash back on purchases, uploading receipts, and, gaming

● Best in category because

I've seen InboxDollars and Swagbucks running promos that pay over $300 for playing a game, if you reach the required level on time. In addition, if you sign up with this links above, you get a $3 bonus from the start.

2️⃣ If you are ok with being paid in visitors to your ads, Coinchests game can earn you quite a lot of visitors for playing the game. However, earnings are very little unless you put in a little money. The small investment to be VIP and to upgrade the bonus chests definitely pays off, earning you more than 10 times the number visitors as you play. Just keep in mind that the crowd you are advertising to with Coinchests is worldwide, so you may want to grab some worldwide offers like these.

3️⃣ Money Mamba on Blidz App for gamified shopping can pay out over $2 an hour in spending credits, if you become even moderately skilled at the game. However, you won't be able to play Money Mamba unlimited times every day, unless you buy the monthly subscription. The subscription comes with many other benefits.

Blidz has many other free ways to earn, such as by watching entertaining videos, doing treaure hunts, and referring others. If you don't have worldwide offers, like these, it may not be good to advertise on.



If you are referring common players who play to earn, it's probablybest to refer them to Benjamin app or Scrambly

● Best in category because - there is a higher probability of earning the referral reward.

2️⃣ If you're into earning on more than 1 level, Tapestri offers many ways to get paid, both on your referrals and on their referrals.

3️⃣ 1.) Interested in getting visitors to your site or social media for super cheap? Or

2.) Interested in referring advertisers?

The best game for these is probably Coinchests. This game earns you visitors to your ads as you play, and earns you cash or crypto commissions on your referrals' purchases.

If you earn commissions, you can also use this to cash out a lot of your game earnings to cash, rather than to ads.

While playing Coinchests doesn't pay much if you don't put any money in, just putting in little money for 1.) VIP and 2.) upgrading bonus chests can earn you visitors more than 10 times as fast.

● Best in category because -

  1. You can earn a lot of visitors to your ads by playing the game, with little investment.

  2. You can earn commissions on 2 levels

  3. You can earn more play time by referring others

  4. You can possibly earn ad visitors even if your referral never pays but just plays the game.

  5. Worldwide

  6. No ID needed

  7. You and your referrals can both pay and be paid with Bitcoin if desired

4️⃣ If you're referring people who like to watch entertaining videos, the best one is probably Blidz

● Best in category because

  1. If they purchase anything, you get $10 in blidz bucks (worth about $2 or $3 in my opinion).

  2. You also earn on Blidz bucks passively on different activities they do on the site.

However, if you're referring people who will watch video advertisements for a little pay, even if they are not enttertaining, the best one to refer them to is probably Benjamin, because you are more likely to earn a significant reward.


1️⃣ Scrambly offers many fun games to get paid, and also other ways to earn too, letting you cash out as low as $1

2️⃣ Benjamin app has an instant cash out option, although there's a fee fir choosing instant. But it also has many other ways to earn.

2️⃣ Mistplay offers many fun games, and you can cash out at only 50 cents

There are quick pay options that pay more, but probably not as fun. If interested, see the quick pay list.


Blidz gamified shopping app pays about 30 "cents" a day in Blidz bucks (worth about 5 - 10 cents in my opinion) for watching 30 very short entertaining videos, plus gives you other ways to earn.

● Best in category because you're not having to watch just ads to get paid.


👉 Tapestri allows you to get paid for gaming and for watching ads. While you cant watch as many ads a day with Tapestri as you can with Benjamin, I find the pay for watching the ads with Tapestri is significantly higher.


A lot of these have the same games, so I would probably just go to the sections above for highest pay or quickest payout.

😎 Best totally mindless game to chill the mind

● Concept: - You move your pirate avatar or ship around a map and click on squares, or "pixels" to find coins and other treasures.

● Best in category because - The game is not very challenging and is zero stress, but it keeps the mind just busy enough to get your mind off of things sometimes.

Unfortunately, the amount you can play each day is limited, unless you refer a lot of people or put money in, but the good news is that this may be the best referral deal for you also.

● Payout: Payout isn't much unless you refer others or put money in, but if you want to earn visitors to your ads, the VIP and Bonus Chest upgrades can 10x your earnings, making Coinchets worth it, in my opinion.

Hope this helps 🙂

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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