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New: Get paid to apply to jobs. $5 signup bonus. $5 referrals. Is Hire Rewards legit?

Updated: Mar 21

What is it? Is Hire Rewards legit?

It is a site we are testing that pays $1 - $5 to submit job applications, and that will submit job applications on your behalf after you enter your information.

It has perfect scores on scam-detection sites.

I know that several of our referrals have cashed out already, so if you ask me, "Is Hire Rewards legit?" my answer is yes.


Update: 3/21/24

After applying to 3 jobs, I was able to request a withdrawal, although one job application took hours to show up as completed.

A couple days after requesting a withdrawal, I received my link to get paid via gift card, Paypal, etc.


Signup bonus

The signup bonus is $5. The site says you have to submit at least 3 job applications that pay, in order to cash out the extra $5 bonus.


The site says referral rewards are $5 and are credited to you once your referral cashes out.

You will need to upload your resume and apply to 3 jobs to cash out your referral earnings.

Check back for more details

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Hope this helps 🙂


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