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$5 signup bonus and $5 per referral. A new app for investing in collectibles.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Update on 8/15/23

Rally seems to be paying only $5 now


Update on 7/26/23

Rally paid me for many referrals.

I did not get a signup bonus, but it seems everyone else is.

Regardless this is still great news if you want to refer people.

Their referral program is still going.


We are testing the $10 signup bonus and $10 referral program for this new app for investing in collectibles.

The scores on scam detection sites are very good, although the app store reviews are only 3.5 stars.

Both you and your friend must make an investment to earn the reward.

I invested in a $1.10 share of a piece of art, so I'm hoping that counts.

Check back later for updates!

Your referral link can be found in the menu under the "win crazy sh*t" option.

I don't think this promotion will last very long, but, hey, I've seen crazier things. Check out our list of activities that earn you over $2 a minute

Hope this helps :)

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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Sierra Norton
Sierra Norton

Is this over. And how I buy a stock or trade

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